Organ donation and Christianity

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tgon | 14:37 Fri 26th Aug 2005 | Body & Soul
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I'm considering signing up as an organ donor but only one thing bothers me. Maybe its sounds silly but would l still be "spiritually whole"?


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If you had to have a kidney removed - would you feel spiritually whole? - what about if you unfortunately were to loose an eye in an accident?

Would you reject the offer of a donor heart if you needed one to live?

If you can answer these questions I think you'll have your answer.

I should think you'd be quite spiritually whole (if I understand that phrase correctly). Perhaps even more fulfilled knowing that you are willing to give in such an important way to the life of another person.
I am not a christian, so maybe it not fair of me to answer this? However, with most religions it is my understanding that the 'soul' or 'spirit' exists independantly of the body therefore i don't think, even under the laws of Christianity, that being an organ donor could possibly have any detrimental effect on your being. In fact ramparts point is excellent.

If you are an Orthodox Jew then you would have a problem with this as they believe that you will rise again with the body you died in... that's why they forbid cremation.

I think probably Jehovah's Witnesses would also dislike the idea unless the donation/transplant could be carried out without spilling any blood.

ursula, Is that the body how it was when you died or how it is now?
Yes, I believe so. Your soul will always be there.

When my sister died, the hospital told my parents that some of her organs had gone to help a couple of young people but when my dad wrote a letter to them five years later to ask how the people were, they said they had got mixed up with the people, and that they hadn't gotten them after all.


Surely if there really is a God, and the faith you hold is true, then by giving selflessly like that you would surely have a place in heaven?

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Organ donation and Christianity

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