Viral Rash

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Daffy6543 | 16:41 Fri 18th Jul 2014 | Body & Soul
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Daft question of the day possibly....

When there is a virus going round I always get a rash on my arms and torso once I catch said virus. Why could this be?


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A skin rash is a side-effect of a virus, although i don't know why you're more prone to it than others.
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I knew it was a side effect, it doesn't matter which virus it is, I always get a rash. My oh came back from Dover 10 days ago with a horrible cold type virus with a lingering cough element, he had no rash. I started with the cough and cold two days ago and my torso and arms are covered in spots, our son never gets the rash either.
I guess i'm just lucky or special or something. lol.
a skin rash can be a sort of allergic reaction to a virus
which i agree you nay have

otherwise the spots of a spottie disease may represent virus-factories chugging away - examples of that is measles and smallpox.....
I have had a number of rashes which come up that always seem to be associated with a raise in my white cell count, usually lymphocytes I think so suspicious of a possible virus.

One they thought might have been chickenpox (it wasn't), pityriasis versicolor (sp?), pityriasis rosea and the last one was diagnosed as shingles.

Usually it's a spotty blistery rash, usually on my arms but sometimes elsewhere too.

So I wonder if I get some kind of viral rashes too.

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Viral Rash

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