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nailit | 21:58 Sat 05th Jul 2014 | Body & Soul
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Further to my last post about having my tooth taken out on Tuesday, now the blood clot has gone I can feel what appears to be a slither of tooth left in the hole where the tooth was, its quite sharp but high up.
Do I need to get this removed or will the gum just form around it? Would it cause problems if it was left?
Thank you.


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Personally, i would get it checked in case it increases the risk of infection.
Yes, I think you should get it checked, if it is a remainder of the extracted one then it won't be very firmly fixed and could cause trouble in future.
are you sure it's tooth, and not tissue ?
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Thanks for replies guys. //are you sure it's tooth, and not tissue ?//
Cant say for certain, but its quite sharp and it feels different from gum tissue. As I said havnt noticed it until today as its been covered by a blood clot. Got go back dentist in 2 weeks anyway for some more dental work :-(
so can get it checked out then. Just dont fancy dentist messing about with it again, took me all my time to get it together to go the dentist in the first place.
ah a dentist many of us :)
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LOL anneasquith, I havnt been the dentist in years but it became a necessary evil in the end as I had a cracked tooth which kept causing infections. Dentist soon whipped it out though with not to much mither.
That happened to me once, didn't give it any thought though. I was able to "work" it out on my own and the gum healed just fine. You might feel better if you saw your dentist though, summon up the never and all that
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Thanks nungate, keep poking it with my tongue (ah, memories of my youth there....) but it aint moving. As ive said, got see dentist in 2 weeks again anyway so get him look at it then.
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Gum slitting? Arrrrgh! Thats it, its gotta come out now.
nailit, I had a tooth on this week too (separate post) - the leaflet I was given said it's quite normal for little bits to appear and to work their way out. As long as it's not joined on still, it'll just pop out.
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Thanks Boxtops, hope so.
If it is a loose fragment, it will work it's way to the top of the cavity, and come out naturally.

If it is attached, it will need attention, but either way, your dentist will see it when he does his follow-up examination, and do what is needed to sort it.

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