Vitamin B12 V's Mosquitos

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sherrardk | 22:05 Sun 25th May 2014 | Body & Soul
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Himself has just given me a B12 tablet to take to ward of Mosquitos (sorry, it won't let me type it without a capital) when we go away. It was almost as big as half a house brick and stank, I politely declined (did a quick google and you don't have to take them till two weeks before you go away anyway). Is there any truth to B12 being effective in this way or is it a load of bunkum?


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It has never worked for me.
I thought it was Marmite that had that reputation. Where are you off too?
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We're going to Florida.
I think most places in Florida spray for 'bugs'
puzzled, its the B12 in marmite that is supposed to make you smell bad to mozzies...the only research that i could find was using vitamin B1 and the results were equivocal.
Ok, woofgang, that would make sense, and extra vitamin B12 can't hurt. Florida is THE best place for a family holiday sher, and at least if you do get mosquitoes about, you don't have to worry about malaria. I use the Avon skin so soft moisturiser, the one with the mosquito repellent reputation, and that seems to work for me. Mind you, I eat a lot of marmite too.
It's B1 that works (to an extent) for me - needs to be very high dose stuff - like this :

Not entirely m'lud.

The evidence for high dose B1 is patchy, but a bit better than 'anecdotal'.

It should never replace proper immunisation (if appropriate for the location) and chemical/physical deterrents though.
Have to say I am very attractive to mosquitos, but just used Autan lotion when I was in Florida and never got bitten.
LOL.....I bow down to greater knowledge.......and a sexier guy.

Avon Skin So Soft, green bottle, is supposed to be good for repelling mossies.
I never get bothered by's the Guinness....☺
I only use anything that contains 50% DEET. Boots do a couple. I have no success with anything else, including the Avon stuff.

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Vitamin B12 V's Mosquitos

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