Little Boys Temperature

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EllieJP | 07:32 Sat 24th May 2014 | Body & Soul
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Hi, I've got a 14 month old who for the last 2 days has had a temperature. He seems fine in himself, a little grumpier than usual but eating fine. Sleeping pattern hasn't really changed much. What should I do? Take him to the docs? See how it goes with calpol/nurofen? :( sick of worrying :(


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I'm not a doctor, but he sounds ok. Calpol might help a bit. As it's been going on steadily for two days, it doesn't sound as if anything is terribly wrong. As long as he doesn't have a rash associated with meningitis or stiffness or pain, I would think he'll be fine in a couple of days.
If you are still worried, do take him to the doc, of course.
I agree with the comments of cloverjo
What is his temperature (when not lowered by Calpol)? If you're that worried why not just ring the surgery bearing in mind that it's a bank holiday coming up.
hullo, I am sorry that the little one is ill and is worrying you

feels hot or has temp ? Everyone has an ear thing now, may be time to get one. and then - how high is the temp ?

14 mo will have a wt of around 10 kg ( I carry these things around in my mind ) and so the dose of calpol is 150 mg. ( around a quarter of an adult 500mg tab but I cant remember how strong junior calpol is ) . You can give this every four hours.

and if you are worried still - time for the doc.
I'd go with regular calpol, lots of drinks. If you think he's getting worse, see doctor. Possibly ear or chest infection.
( sick of worrying ) see a doctor,
You don't say how high his temperature is but I don't think it can be too high or your little boy would be ill. I know it's hackneyed but he could be teething. If you're worried, and can't get to see your doctor, pop in to see a pharmacist, they're a good source of help and advise. You've probably got a dispensing chemist near you and several of the large supermarkets have them in store.

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Little Boys Temperature

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