Red Nose / Rosacea / Seborrheic Dermatitis

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mats01_99 | 09:29 Tue 13th May 2014 | Body & Soul
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Hi all. I am a 40yr old male and have been suffering with Rosacea / Seborrheic Dermatitis since my later teenage years, it has gradually worsened in the last 10. Over the last 10 years I must have spent well over €5000 on consultations, 'treatments' etc and I look at myself today thinking it was all money down the drain. I have been prescribed antibiotics, roaccutane, hydrocortisone, rosex, locoid, skinoren, nizoral, selsun and probably many more!, I have had laser treatment, most recently about 18 months which certainly did more damage than good.

The redness now is very, very prominent on my nose. It has dominated my personal and professional life over these last 10 years, I have lost confidence and it always on my mind. When people meet me they generally rub their noses. Most people are kind and wouldn't actually say anything. I have 2 daughters (8 & 5), yesterday one came home from school and said one of her classmates had asked why her Daddy has a very red nose. this was not the first time It breaks my heart to think that she is going to put up with this at school and have to defend me to the other kids. In the last 6 months the seb derm has been very bad also, mainly around the jaw, on my chin. I have recently started trying washing / soaking my face in dead sea salt which is a great relief initially but doesn't seem to relieve for too long unfortunately. Can anybody recommend anything to me or am I going to be stuck like Rudolph for the rest of my life, I have addressed diet and tried to cut out the usual triggers, if I exercise it gets worse, if I don't exercise it gets worse, if I eat my daily allowance of fruit & veg it gets worse, if I don't it gets worse! It is getting to the stage where I don't want to leave the house for fear of embarrassing my kids. Help please!


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My mum gets rosacea and I know it distresses her so I feel your pain, you've probably tried it but The Body Shops Aloe Vera range is supposed to be helpful.

This forum seems to offer some advice from fellow sufferers so it might be worth joining

Good luck
Have you suggested to your consultant to test you for Sarcoidosis? or even Lupus?
If you can control the dermatitis, more or less, have you thought of camouflage make-up for your nose?
I use a Dermablend camaflage cream suitable for men too, it was prescribed by the Red Cross service in hospital and can be used too for covering scars. I think it is sold online now. You only need a tiny amount dabbed gently on the nose.
Watch this ...........
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Thank you all. Lupus and Sarcoidosis have never been suggested to be before, i'll google and see how my symptoms compare. I do try to camouflage but only with a loose powder, this seems to wear off pretty quickly and I am starting to think it may be making things worse. I'll look into the dermacare. I did recently come across a Rosaliac product by La Roche which was a BB cream (I bought it by mistake actually), it was like a ladies foundation I suppose. Seemed a bit drastic and I felt it would draw even more attention. Found it very hard to get off as well. Having to scrub a product off my nose is a no no.
Maybe try a primer before the makeup. Powder will look flaky not generally a good option.
Johnson's makeup remover wipes are good no scrubbing.
You could try a concealer called" The Real Deal" made by Laura Geller, followed by her "Balance n' Brighten" brush on powder makeup in various shades, which many males have recommended. This "Real Deal" concealer will even cover tattoos, so I hope this helps.
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I certainly do seem to have some of the other symptoms of Lupus: Tiredness, bad circulation (especially in the nose), inability to concentrate and memorise, eye, nose, ear problems, irritation to the sun. Is it worth asking the GP to test for it?, mind it appears there's no cure anyway!
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Does anybody have any experience of Lupus or Sarcoidosis?, I'd be interested to hear others views on this and how best to deal with should this be where my problems lie.

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Red Nose / Rosacea / Seborrheic Dermatitis

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