Zinc Causes Arthritis?

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smurfchops | 18:22 Fri 14th Feb 2014 | Body & Soul
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I take zinc as it helps with my immune system, I havent had a sore throat, cough or virus since taking them. However I have the first stages of arthritis and in the Daily Mail, it says zinc tablets can cause arthritis. So what do I do, take one every other day or cut out and get more viruses ? ..


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What should you do?

1) stop reading the Daily Mail

2) consult a qualified physician, preferably your own doctor.
new drug out for arthritis - think you call it GOPO - £17.99 a few weeks The DM will be reporting that zinc HELPS arthritis.
'Twas ever thus.
I know of no reputable scientific studies which indicate that zinc causes arthritis.

I know of no reputable studies that indicate that zinc affects the immune system.

Whatever you decide smurfy will be the correct decision.
GOPO - not a drug - just a ludicrously expensive repackaging of Rose Hip Syrup and vitamin C.

It may help, it probably won't - it's never been properly evaluated in double blind trials, so we will never know.

And "I agree with jeffa"

what jeffa said. :-)
I have not heard anything to suggest that Zinc supplements are implicated in developing arthritis. On the contrary, I have seen several suggestions that taking Zinc supplements can help with the symptoms of Arthritis, although what evidence that is presented is very weak.

And the evidence that supports the use of Zinc supplements as a defence against viruses and/or the common cold is not very strong either. There is a suggestion that, if you take zinc supplements within 1 day of a cold starting, it will reduce the time you spend having a cold, but it really is very weak evidence.

I honestly think that if someone switched your zinc supplement tablets for identical pills/lozenges containing just sugar, you would not notice any difference.
Exactly as jeffa put it........
Hi Smurf, If you've started with Arthritis, read the following:-

I started with Arthritis in the 1980's and took C.V. & honey for a few weeks which helped.
However, mixing the C.V. with honey and water was a bit of a bind so I started taking Cider Vinegar tablets which is much quicker and easier.
I still take 3 CV tablets on a Monday and Friday and have never suffered even a twinge of arthritis since. All my joints are supple, mobile and pain-free.

I understand that Uric Acid crystals in the blood wear away the cartilages in the various joints and once the cartilages have gone, you then have bone rubbing against bone and the CV cannot help after reaching this stage.
Someone will no doubt say the above is a load of rubbish but it certainly works for me.
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Wak thats really interesting, I will get some cider vinegar .
Question Author
And maybe read the Sun instead ... Thanks all x
Wak....the above is a load of rubbish :-)

but whatever works for you. I use calmagzinc tablets to manage episodes of extreme muscle cramp and bursting blood vessels in my fingers and toes. There is no evidence that it should work but for me it does.
I drunk that revolting cider vinegar for ages .It did absolutely nothing .
It might help with mild arthritis and stave it off for a while perhaps but I'm too far gone with it :)
Very sorry to hear that, Shaney.
It sounds as though you left it too late and the real damage had already been done to the cartilages.
I only hope that you can find some relief for the pains elsewhere.

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