Primark Hask Argan Oil

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China Doll | 12:47 Sun 19th Jan 2014 | Body & Soul
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Hi All,

I already have the small bottle of oil that I use for straightening my hair after washing and I really like it, however I noticed yesterday you can also buy a shampoo and conditioner so I was wondering if anyone had tried them, and if so, what did you think?

Cheers :c)


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I keep seeing these oils for hair, are they just for straight or is it good for curlytops as well?
I've got a tagine recipe that uses argan oil, but can't find any other than in hair products! Don't think it will add to the flavour!
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My understanding it that the one I have is to do away with frizz and leave smooth and nourished, I'm 90% certain it has kerratin in it. You just add it to wet or dry hair and style as normal, I only add it when I've dried my hair and I'm straightening it (being a wavy/curly head myself) and I do like it. But my hair went through a funny phase a couple of years ago and as a result, the alberto shampoo range is currently the best for my hair... and they're a £1 a bottle! :c) The Primark shampoos/conditioners I've seen are £4.50 a go which isn't really expensive but it's not a £1 a bottle and I'm tight so I want to know it's decently before I fork out.

carolegif - no, definitely won't add to food flavour!
Hmmm, I might give it a whirl then.
"once a secret of the Berber tribes"?

Mind you, she's 137
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Not unlike how I look right now jno... I'm not a morning person.

The oil is great, I just wanted to know what the associated shampoo and conditioner is like :c)

Get both from the pound shop
Think of it this way: using the plain hask argan oil might be more effective because it's in its natural and concentrated state. Although there's a chance that shampoos and conditioners infused with it would have the same effect, their main purpose is to cleanse the hair. If you really want to, you may go ahead and try them, just so you can compare the results.
Are the ones you're asking about in a blue container with bronze top? Or similar? I have the shampoo. I wish I'd bought the conditioner as well. They are expensive, but I have no complaints about the shampoo.
By the way, the best thing I've found for taming frizzy, wavy hair is Frizz-Ease mirror image. Honestly, it's amazing. I went out in the rain yesterday and my hair is still straight. Unheard of with any other product.

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Primark Hask Argan Oil

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