How do I gain weight?!

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londongirl | 01:36 Sat 06th Aug 2005 | Body & Soul
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Okay, I'm 5'7 and weigh under 8 stone....which is not dramatically underweight but I'd really love to be more curvy. I eat a hell of a lot, in fact people say I should be the size of an elephant by now, but nothing, I don't even gain a pound! When I was had toothache and could hardly eat anything for 2 days, I lost half a stone, so why when I eat loads do I not put it on as easily?! Honestly, I counted the calories of what I ate the other day and it came to 2700....and in fact I lost weight. Help! I've looked at similar questions on here and people suggest eating more and drinking booze. Both of which I don't think I could do more if I tried!*

*p.s I'm not an alcoholic!


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londongirl, I could shoot you. Can't we do a body swap or something? Some people just naturally burn off more calories than others; as well as the usual eating/exercising tradeoff, body types and heredity play a part. If you were starving yourself, it might be a problem; as you're not, I'd just try to enjoy what you are. Eating enough to give yourself enough energy to live the life you want, that's the main thing. 

I take it you've been to your Dr as things like thyroid malfunctions can cause this type of thing.

I have opposite prob cant lose weight in spite of eating very little-apparently I'm not kick starting my metabollism!

At least I know I'm not an alky - cos I've never seen a fat one!!

Try augmenting your diet with Complan - really does work wonders.

WellI'm afraid you're not going to get much sympathy, most people would give their eye teeth to have your "problem"!

Maybe you should just accept that that's how your body is meant to be?

Do you eat loads because you're hungry or just to try to put on weight? Could be the type of food you're eating that's causing the problem.

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Thanks for all the advice! I guess I should just accept the way I am, even if I do look like a child! Jno, I'd be happy to do a bodyswap, my sister is up first for that though...I eat fairly healthy, with a bit of junk food thrown in, and usually it is because I feel hungry all the time. But it must be my genes or something because my dad is the same, as was his mum.
Don't start eating badly to try and put on weight. My guess is that you are still quite young, and often our figures are far more slight when we are in our teens. You will "fill out" as you get older, and your metabolism WILL slow down. For now, eat healthily and be grateful that you are nice and slim. Wear all those gorgeous clothes that I can't fit into (I am your height) and have a good time! Appreciate it!!
you could ask your gp for a TFT just to make sure your thryroid glands are working as they should be.
sorry, that's a Thyroid Function Test
I have the same problem. And anyone I tell just thinks I'm being stupid! Best thing to do is to just snack alot inbetween meals, I find if I don't then my weight can drop a couple of pounds. As long as you maintain a steady weight then it means you're healthy. And I'm sure as we get older we will wish we'd made the most of being easily slim!   
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How do I gain weight?!

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