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woodelf | 13:08 Tue 31st Dec 2013 | Body & Soul
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I have an itchy scalp (in places), so I use Head and Shoulders shampoo with Eucalyptus. It clears the itch, but leaves my hair flat and lifeless, so can anyone suggest an alternative shampoo or...? - and I aint gonna cut off my hair! Ta Muchly.


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Hi Woodelf.

Happy New Year!

I've not got much hair left but what I do have gets washed with supermarket own-brand '2 in 1' anti-dandruff shampoos. All of the big supermarkets have them and, since they contain conditioner, they might be exactly what you require. (They're also a great deal cheaper than Head and Shoulders!)
Are you rinsing your hair thoroughly enough after washing it ? Any shampoo/conditioner residue left can make your scalp itch like nothing else.
Try Baby shampoo ?
I have read on a lot of previous posts regarding this subject that neat tea tree oil available from Holland and Barret does the trick for most.You,apparently,add a few drops to your conditioner.Not tried it myself but seems an effective and popular remedy.
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Ta for that Chris and I'll have a look at them and may take a chance.
And a Very Happy New Year to you too!
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Yes purple, I rinse very thoroughly - and I'll look into that one too retro - and a Very Happy New Year to you both, in fact to all ABers out there.
Happy new year to you also woodelf
Try T-Gel shampoo, woodelf, we get it from Boots. It's medicated so it stinks, but using it occasionally helps me.
Unfortunately, the active ingredient in Head and Shoulders (and similar own-brands) is zinc pyrithione and it really doesn't suit the hair of a lot of people. It clears the scalp but adversely affects the hair.
A dermatologist friend always recommends Oilatum Treatment's pricey, but Simple anti-dandruff shampoo has a very similar formula and is much cheaper.
I have had this problem for years and had to go to the doctor in the end. I now have Betacap on prescription and just have to apply it to the affected area when it flares up, which is usually when I'm stressed about something. I don't use it very often but it always works. It doesn't affect the hair either.
Vosene original works for me.
I got 2 different shampoos from the Chemist one was T Gel can't remember the other, ended up itching all over, then when I went on holiday I forgot to take my shampoo with me and used the Lemon shower gel I had with me - took all the itching away
It is quite possible (actually, quite likely) that the itching was caused by yeasts and/or other micro-organisms present on the scalp. If that is the case, kill these off and the itching goes away. One extremely cheap, totally natural, and effective way to wipe out these life forms is to apply vinegar to the scalp. This is best done by actually wetting the scalp, not necessarily all the hair. For those who worry about the smell of vinegar, the exercise can involve only 8-12 hours of leaving the vinegar on, choosing a time when you are staying in and/or occupied with something when it doesn't matter that you have vinegar on your scalp. In fact, the smell goes away almost entirely once the vinegar dries off, half an hour or so unless you have long hair that is wet to start with. You can then use normal, even cheapest, ordinary frequent use shampoo and rinse the vinegar away. It is important to realise that you cannot kill off literally all of the organisms so it is advisable to repeat the process with a couple of weeks. If the problem ever comes back then repeat as necessary. Note that any lesions on the scalp from scratching or from bacterial attack that has breeched the skin will sting briefly when the vinegar is applied.
I have psoriasis which can make my scalp extremely itchy. I find any of the Vosene shampoo products gentle enough though they do leave my hair a little flat. Which is fine if i'm staying indoors but if i intend going out i apply any half decent conditioner after shampooing.
Fushi shampoo is amazing, uses only natural ingredients and is expensive- but lasts for ages. I use it all the time. If you are allergic to any of the chemical ingredients in Head & Shoulders (of which there will be many) why not give it a go? This is the one I use but there may be a medicated one too.
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"Ve-ry interesting" as Wolfgang, aka Arte Johnson would say on R&M's Laugh-In - showing my age there - but some really interesting answers from Ginge, Karl and Cupid, though the Vosene I used was the medicated, my hair felt fine, but the itchy came back, so had to stop the Vosene.
I will certainly look at the Simple shampoos Ginge and the T-gel too Boxie - and if all else fails, I'll go for the vinegar treatment, where vinegar is the new rosemary!...and apologies to anyone called Rosemary, especially the women!

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