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morg_monster | 13:27 Fri 05th Aug 2005 | Body & Soul
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Just wondering if any of you have had any bad or frightening experiences while under the influence, especially relating to memory loss.  Did you ever find out what happened? 

A couple of times this month when very tired my bf has gone from pretty much sober to totally paralytic, not being with close friends he has 'disappeared' for hours on the way home.  This morning he woke up in the foyer of a block of flats miles from home at the other end of the tube line, very disoriented and with no memory of how he got there.  He's really scared about it now as anything could have happened (luckily it did not).  I am trying to walk a fine line between being sympathetic and telling him off too - this can't happen again.


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First off, he needs to understand that this is very dangerous behaviour. You're right, anything could have happened, and he's lucky that it didn't.

When he's tired, he should just go easy on the alcohol, as we all know that it kicks in so much faster when we're knackered. The last time I had severe memory loss was thankfully quite a while ago and quite scary. I woke up in someone else's bed not sure what I'd done/not done, if you know what I mean. Horrible, and ever since I've always been a bit more careful of watching how much I drink.

I think you should be sympathetic to a point, but stress to him that's this could have been very serious, you were really concerned for his safety, and that he's got to start taking control to make sure he doesn't get himself in the same situation ever again, as he might not be so lucky next time.

Drink in moderation, people!

That sounds like a very extreem reaction to alcohol.  This happened to my ex bf abroad - but he had been drugged and mugged.

I have memory loss from last weekend which was my birthday party - I never have memory loss, or things come back to me within a couple of days, but this time nada.  It is scary - and hopefully that fear will stop him doing it again.  It's trying to find a way of saying 'if you can't handle your alcohol - don't drink' without immasculating him! Although, bottom line is that it has to be his decision and you can't spend your life babysitting him and spending every minute worrying about him.

I did it for 4 years, and it's no fun.  You can't go out and enjoy yourself if you're wondering what state he's in.  He has to accept responsibility for this.  good luck.

sounds like he was drugged. But don't forget if you get that bad and you pass out you have a very real chance of alcohol poisoning and/or dying! If he takes prescribed antidepressants or possibly antihistamines for hayfever those don't mix very well at all with alcohol- I used to have lustral and it made me very silly indeed! if hes tired he needs to go to bed, but you can't make him, just try and make a fuss of him when he's well. I wish you luck

i know this may sound a strange answer..get him to take vitamin b12 and b alchol destroys vitamins..and b12 defficiency can give you those symptoms..and if someone is defficient in b12 for a long time it can cause seriouse health can buy them at holland and barratt quite cheap get the 500 size and make him take 2 a day with a b complex...they are not toxic and have no side effects any surplus is passed out of the body..

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alcohol problems

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