Update For Sqad....i Think.

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gness | 17:40 Thu 05th Dec 2013 | Body & Soul
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Evening, Sqad.....I saw a different doctor today because the consultant I last saw thinks my symptoms don't point to IC. He wanted another opinion.

I had to start at the beginning which I know he needed but I am sick to death of repeating myself.....well over a year of this now.

The outcome is.....He doesn't think it is IC either. He offered to stretch the artery if I wanted it and to begin with I said go ahead and see what happens. However, my track record of successful surgery is awful and while I am prepared to take the small risk that goes with surgery I do want to make that decision knowing what I am dealing with.

He asked about the neuro appointment I should have had. A letter was sent to my GP on Oct. 3rd asking for this to be arranged. I saw my GP on Monday and he had had no communication re the neuro appointment. So, a two month delay on that.

He said he was going to put me on an exercise programme and he wanted me to make sure I carried out his instructions.
I almost lost it there....honestly, Sqad....I don't need an exercise programme supervised by anyone.
I have pushed myself so hard over the last year. I have walked through the
pain.....I run up the stairs without holding the banister...Well, I have no banister since demolishing it in a fit of pique.
If I chat on the phone I do it while using a stepper and I bought the bike much to the horror of the neighbours who have moved all garden ornaments to the safety of their back gardens.

So....I feel as though I am back to square one with still no answer...

Dare I say...I'm a tad fed up........:-(


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Oh! dear.

We had a saying in surgical company."the more the doctors, the bigger the [email protected] up" and one sees this time and time again.

What would i do in your situation...NOTHING...monitor the situation.

But gness, it is your call.
Question Author's not going to kill me after all this time, is it?

I will follow up on the neuro appointment and any other investigations I am offered but.....I am not going to make a fuss or worry.

You gave me the first hint of what could be wrong and the things I have done, based on that, have made me a good bit better that when I couldn't walk at all in July'12. is open.....I'm going to relax and from tomorrow sort myself out.

Thank you for listening....Gx
No problem gness.....keep me informed.
I'll raise a glass to you too, Gness, I hope you get an answer eventually xxx.
Question Author
Thanks, Psyb...x
Keep strong gness.
Thinking of you.
Question Author
Thank you, Daisy....x
Me too. x
Question Author
Thank you too, Shoota.......xx
Flipping heck, gness. How frustrating for you. Just when you thought you were getting somewhere. Best wishes with whatever you decide to do. xx
Question Author
I know, Tilly....thought it was sorted when the radiologist found the narrowing and gave her opinion....

I'm puzzled as much as anything..........x
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methyl....Intermitent Claudication.....pain in the legs on walking due to reduced blood supply.
G, why are you seeing a neurologist ?
because it is on the differential for IC symptoms... Anne
Question Author
Anne...I think it's because the vascular consultant doesn't think my symptoms quite point to IC.

My inability to walk has been very severe at times...complete standstill like an idiot and just not able to if I had walked into wet cement up to my knees.

He thinks for it to be like that there should be more pain...I don't agree. I do know I have a high pain threshold but if I say that they'll think I'm being I will just go with the flow for a while.

Must admit telling me to do some exercises and go to a gym is still rankling a bit.... He will never know how close he came to a sharp smack ....especially as he was patting my flipping knee as he said it....grrr...☻
great restrained shown by the irish wummin today, :)
All the best gness.
Question Author
Only because I took a friend with me, Anne......☺

Thanks, Gran......I'll get sorted but some help would have been nice....x
you had a man patting your knees and your complaining, jeez o. :)

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Update For Sqad....i Think.

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