A Book On Injuries, Wounds, Death Etc

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joko | 18:33 Wed 30th Oct 2013 | Body & Soul
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i do sfx makeup and i was just wondering if anyone knew of any good medical text books that had lots of photos of this kind of thing?

i usually have to research each injury as i go along but it would be good to have a proper book on hand for reference - i saw one years ago that was brilliant - had all sorts of pics - the 'timeline' of bruising and healing and cuts, blood spatter etc, also the process of death etc - but i cannot recall the name

i want one with lots of pics as reference but obviously its not something widely available - i assume they are more likely medical text/reference books?

any ideas of titles or places to look?



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Unfortunately, most medical bookshops that I know of are sited within medical schools or medical foundations, and you might have difficulty getting in. But Foyle's ( Charing Cross Rd, London ) has a medical section in which you could browse.
If you're going to London anyway (to browse in Foyles, which is my favourite shop anywhere) it might be worth trying a visit to Charles Fox in Covent Garden (Tavistock Street). The entire shop is devoted to theatrical make-up, so they might stock a relevant book. Or give them a call on 020 7240 3111.

Or perhaps someone at NASMAH might be able to help?
I've no idea about the book you are looking for, but what an interesting sounding job you have!

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A Book On Injuries, Wounds, Death Etc

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