Sqad....... Have Had Recent Blood Test For My Thyroids And It Came Back

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lilacben | 17:38 Wed 30th Oct 2013 | Body & Soul
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as being under so my doctor put my dose up. He also had a blood result as high red blood cells and 6.4 cholesterol. I had the tests repeated after a month and although the thyroid is better now with the new dose but other readings where the same. I am 63. Is this something that should worry me.? your true option would be greatfull. Brendaxx


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I presume 6.4 is the total cholesterol and that i wouldn't worry too much about.

The high red cell count is high?
This situation usually needs investigating as to the cause, but clearly your doctor isn't worried about further investigation.

I would ask your doctor if your high red cell count needs further tests.
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Hi sqad, Thankyou. Yes doctor said he was going to write to the hospital and they may decide to make me an appointment to go there for more blood tests.
If I didnt hear from them then he wanted my bloods all done again in three months. Sorry he didn't say how raised they are but showed me a graft over the past five years. They started going up and up from there.?
Brenda x
lilac......that sounds a very satisfactory response for your GP.
I will be interested in the results.
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sqad, Thankyou as always. I will keep you updated, in the meantime is there anything I should do.? In my diet I do not like milk and only have a tiny drop if skimmed milk in drinks. Do not eat cream or fry things. Only have a small amount of no fat yoghurt and dried apricots for breakfast. Also do not eat butter and only a small amount of bertolli on brown bread. Brenda x, that sounds a pretty healthy diet (healthier than mine).
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Thankyou again. I have also lost a couple of pounds since my thyroid tablets have been put up. The first time to lose anything in years.! Lets hope a lot more weight drops of. It isn't through not trying. Brenda xx

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Sqad....... Have Had Recent Blood Test For My Thyroids And It Came Back

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