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smurfchops | 14:41 Tue 29th Oct 2013 | Body & Soul
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Trying to get used to a hearing aid. Every little sound, even walking across the floor, sounds like tinnitus, also a bit of whistling. Should I persevere and wear all day every day, and give myself a headache, or should I use for a couple of hours a day to get my brain used to it? If so, should I wear it quietly at home with a little noise like the TV, or wear it going out at night or shopping, where there is lots of noise ? Thanks all.


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Make sure that your ear mould fits snugly into your ear...if air gets in it will whistle.

It is just an amplifier and will pick up ALL sounds....wanted and unwanted.

Make sure that you do not have it on too will not get use to it overnight. Don't use it where it is noisy or where there are lots of people.
I have tinnitus and quite bad hearing loss in my left ear, where the tinnitus is. I'm being fitted with a Hearing Aid next week. The Ear Lady said it would lessen my tinnitus. Is this right?
chrissa........a simple hearing aid will not help your tinnitus.....but i think that you may well be fitted with a tinnitus masker........and that may well help.
That would be great if that's what she meant. I've been waiting since March, so roll on November 6th. Thanks Sqad.
I have recently been fitted with hearing aids. You need to wear them in quiet places to begin with. If you try going anywhere really noisy, your brain will not be able to cope and it can guite unpleasant until you are used to it. Also try for a couple of hours to begin with.

I also find that mine whistle unless I keep them clean from ear wax.
My gran found hers difficult at first, as they pick up all the background noise too- which she wasn't used to hearing. She started off just wearing them when visitors were round (and reminded her), but got used to them in about 3 months.
I have hearing loss and tinnitus (Meniere's right-side) and have a digital aid with volume control. I was told that it should be worn all the time to maximise it's benefit....don't keep putting it in and taking it out, because it takes much longer for your brain to make sense of what's going on !
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I am persevering and finding I can hear the TV much better so hopefully no more subtitles. But still echoing and lots of swishy sounds, hopefully this will settle down ?
When I got mine I didn't put them in until I got home.
I then put them in for the rest of the day, everything sounded very strange until I got used to them. Some things seem quite loud now, but it is lovely to hear the TV. So I wear mine all the day, even when I go out to a concert.
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Yes I am finding as well that I hear the left/right indicators ticking in the car, and birds singing ... I am even telling hubbie to turn TV down but if it's a programme I don't like I can just switch the aid off ! Still persevering with swishing sounds .... But better than I thought it would be.
It does get better as you get used to them

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