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shoemad | 10:29 Mon 21st Oct 2013 | Body & Soul
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I'm 58, reasonably fit and healthy, don't qualify for a free flu jab but wondering about getting it done at the chemist.
I've never had flu (tempting fate!) but wonder if it's worth doing.


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I've had one at Tescos pharmacy for the last two years, and it was easy.

Thanks for the reminder that I am due again.

I've had the flu jab for about the last 6 years.I had one very minor reaction about 2 years ago when the NHS were worried about some stronger Avian type flu that caused total unnecessary panic for a while.
I would say the annual jab is well worth having.Like you most people have never had flu but say they have it when it is no more than a sniffle.If you really experience flu, as I have many years ago,you just don't want to get out of bed.It is most debillitating.I recommend it.Having mine this Wednesday.
I get a jab because I am on my own with 2 dogs and having flu would just be inconvenient. I get mild side effects but nothing on millionth as bad as having real flu, which I have had twice in my life.
A couple of years ago all my family went down with nasty viruses and I sailed through untouched.

I can't be sure it was the jab that helped me, but it might have.

I can't afford to be off sick, so it is £10 well spent.

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thank you all for the advice, think I will get it done

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