Flu And Mouth / Throat Infection ?

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beezaneez | 21:01 Sun 20th Oct 2013 | Body & Soul
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i have a fever, sweating cold and hot, cant eat , sneezing, runny nose e, headaches. but i have swollen glands, and my tongue is white and back of my throat is swollen and also have small blisters and cuts now in my mouth.

is this normal for flu ?


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I've never had thr glands and throat symptoms on the 2 occasions I've had flu. I'd go to the doc - you might need antibiotics.
I don't know how old you are but certainly a virus infection comes to mind, either a flu virus or if you are in your teens or 20's glandular fever.

Plenty of fluids and Ibuprofen 600mgs every 6 hours.

Would not visit your GP as you will spread it throughout the community...;-)
If you are able to get to the computer and post, its probably not flu.
Could it be quinses?
\\\Could it be quinses?\\

Rank outsider 500-1.

Quinsies are almost always one side.......not both.
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i have looked up quinces and looked at images there is a similarity , theres sores on inside my mouth and 2 nasty gashes and its beyond me how they got there, on penicillan 4 times daily now so hope that clears it up, i didnt see a doc just asked for antibiotics, has any one else had anything like this ???? friend told me it could be tolsilitis ???
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was diagnosed with HIV on 24 october......cover up , you think it will never happen !!!

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Flu And Mouth / Throat Infection ?

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