period pain and child birth

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Morrisonker | 22:54 Sun 17th Jul 2005 | Body & Soul
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This is probably a completely stupid question but I was wondering if there is any relation between how painful periods are to how painful childbirth is.   I mean if you get cripplingly painful period pains (my best friend is almost immobile for 3 or 4 days each month) will childbirth be any more painful than if you have very slight period pain?  Sometimes the body can work in strange ways like that so it was just something I was pondering.


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From my limited knowledge I would say absolutely not. Childbirth is painful due to contractions of the muscles and of course the widening due to littleun coming out.

no there is no relation between painful periods and childbirth, but contractions start off as mild period like pains then get stronger and stronger to the stage where you cant talk or walk through them.
But once you have the baby, its all over!
Again, nope.
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cool, thanks guys :) it was just one of those idle questions that floats into my head every now and again
Pity - cos if there was a correlation I'd sign up to be a surrogate Mum and pop em out for everyone!  Assuming my body/brain deals well with pregnancy of course - I wouldn't know!
slight period pain or childbirth? No which one id chose,An it aint child birth been there done that, got fantastic results but never again give me slight period pains anyday.
Codie - huh!?  I don't understand at all!  Sorry!  The question isn't "which would you choose?" it's - "If you get bad period pain is labour bad, but if you have light period pain, labour is less painful?".  Sorry - am being dumb but I'm just confused. 
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acw - no, you're right, that's what I was asking.  Obviously it isn't a question of choice.  I suppose I was thinking that whatever cause painful periods would be involved during labour.  I always have a fairly easy time when I'm on, just give me a hot water bottle and I'm fine so it's a shame :)

I can be even more smug then - I don't even notice I've got my period.  In fact for the 3-4 days a month it happens, I can often been seen looking at my watch, looking puzzled, then going "ooops!" and dashing off.  Then re-emerging looking mighty chuffed that even though 6-8 hours had passed, I had had no cause to worry.  :-D

Too much information!?!  Don't ya just love me!?! :-p

I bet I'll scream and cry like nothing on earth as and when I have kids though!  Me and pain - not too good!

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period pain and child birth

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