Eye gel?

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shazzabell | 21:22 Sun 17th Jul 2005 | Body & Soul
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Often my eyes feel tired, puffy and tight, so I'm thinking of buying an eye gel. So girls, can you recommend one? Not too expensive!


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If you can get it - Virgin Vie do a BRILLIANT one!  I don't know how much it is as Mum got a free sample YEARS ago and gave it to me and it's lasted ages.  Tiny little tube too - but you only need a tiny bit and it's SO good!! :-)

There's a Virgin Vie at Cribbs - at least there was last time I went.  Of course that might be miles from where you live.  :-)

Hi, Superdrug do a good eye gel, its in their vitamins range, I leave mine in the fridge and its works great in cooling & revitalising tired and puffy eyes, its in a small biege coloured tube.   :-)
boots do a cucumber one, about�1.50 for the tube and its very refreshing and cool and last ages!
I'm currently using L'Oreal Hydrafresh which is pretty good, although i don't get puffy eyes, more dark circles.  I also use Girl 2Go eye patches of an evening which are quite nice and cooling.

Definitely the Virgin Vie one as acw said, lasts for ages as well as you only need to dot a tiny bit under each eye.

There are a few shops (some by Virgin Gyms) andlarge shopping centres like Trafford Centre.  But you can get it online or through an agent.  Try this...

Tend to use that in the morning and use hemarroid cream at night if my eyes are puffy (it really does work!) and can reduce inflamed spots as well.

Hi I would recommend eye gel from body shop I think it was elderflower eye gel and I kept it in the fridge and it worked wonders, came in a little pot however we are going back a few years now. I now have the virgin one and this is ace. Highly recommend this and it comes in a tiny weeny little tube. Enjoy.
Liz Earle's eye products are excellent
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Wahey! Girls you've twisted my arm... Going to buy the VirginVie one tomorrow. Thanks for all your replies :-)
try cucumber slices over your eyes for half an hour..or get a bottle of witch hazel keep it in the fridge so its cold put some on cotton wool pads then over your eyes..all the expensive eye preperations are made with witch you may as well just buy a bottle its less than �2

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