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climber_chick | 17:35 Fri 21st Jun 2013 | Body & Soul
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Recently I had an infected cyst/abscess drained and then routinely packed. I developed a red sore from the sticky gauze pad dressing. The nurse wiped something over the skin to help this, which it did. However, I am suffering with it again and was wondering what they would have used and if it's something I can buy. If not, what would help soothe and heal this?


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I've had the same a few times. I can't remember exactly what the cream was but I think it was just some sort of E45 type.

If you're still having the dressings ask her to give you some larger ones that will avoid sticking to the saw bits to give them a chance to heal.
Cavilon no sting barrier film would protect your skin but theres other stuff available that is gentle for skin :)

E45 would soothe nicely as said x
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Thank you both :) x

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Reaction To Sticky Gauze Pad

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