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MissCommando | 22:18 Thu 20th Jun 2013 | Body & Soul
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My husband is back on Pregabalin as 2 different Consultants told him to give it a couple of months to see the benefits. He has to take the liquid solution rather than the tablets (there's not too much difference in price). He's been told it costs about £96 per month.

Anyway, he went to the GP yesterday and she said that the surgery are complaining about him having it due to the cost. It now has to go in front of the health board!

The GP and pharmacist have said that if he needs it, he needs it and especially as 2 consultants have recommended it. Makes me quite sad that the surgery are complaining about it. If he'd been on it for ages and it wasn't making any difference, I could understand.

Have you had any problems with your GPs complaining about the cost? Thanks.


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Hi Commando - my friend has been having hormonal (I think) injections for the last 6 months into her tummy (they are over £100 a touch) no complaints from her GP - in fact she has decided to come off them herself - as her personal complaint is still up and down.
depending on the dose, there's not much in it
Capsules, pregabalin 25 mg (white), net price 56-cap pack = £64.40, 84-cap pack = £96.60; 50 mg (white), 84-cap pack = £96.60; 75 mg (white/orange), 56-cap pack = £64.40; 100 mg (orange), 84-cap pack = £96.60; 150 mg (white), 56-cap pack = £64.40; 200 mg (orange), 84-cap pack = £96.60; 225 mg (white/orange), 56-cap pack = £64.40; 300 mg (white/orange), 56-cap pack = £64.40. Label: 3, 8, counselling, driving (see notes above)

Oral solution, strawberry flavour, pregabalin 20 mg/mL, net price 473 mL = £99.48. Label: 3, 8, counselling, driving (see notes above)
Which country are you in MissC?

Procedures and availability for drugs vary between England/Wales/Scotland/NI - I can easily check NICE guidance on availability of Pregabalin in England, but the other countries may well differ.

dave xx
I get them. I take 6 a day and my surgery haven't complained yet I will see what happens the next time I go for a repeat! :/
Hi :)

No I haven't had any issue with it and I had some more on my repeat last week. I'm on 4 a day at the moment. GP said to double then triple my original dose some weeks back though I had some disturbing thought issues after initially doubling it so went down to 3 a day and then up to 4, not dared to go above that yet after what happened previously and want to leave some room for increasing it in the future.

Wow, it is expensive stuff! I remember seeing on some sites that some people in the States having issues with their medical insurance letting them have it.

Hope he gets it sorted.
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Thanks all, the GP thinks that because the Consultants have recommended it that should be approved by the health board. I think it's the Practice Manager who has complained. Fingers crossed that they approve it, be nice for him to be able to give it a chance to see if it helps.

Gosh Eve., yeah best to take it steady. I know when you come off Pregabalin, you've got to take it steady and decrease the dose very slowly.

vodka and eve, has it actually helped your symptoms in any way at all?
I have been prescribed this several times and never had problems getting it. This is ridiculous. Although it never helped me really so I no longer take it.

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