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hammerman | 08:04 Thu 20th Jun 2013 | Body & Soul
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Looked into doing the 5-2 diet but did not bother. However, it keeps getting mentioned about just how good it is ?

Please pacify me someone.


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Several people are trying it in my office. It seems to work well for them.
Ignore all gimmicky diets.

Just eat well and properly over a period of months and years and do some moderate exercise.
I will go with VHG. These diets are all about buy my book buy my video buy my products etc. Ultimately we all know what we should be eating and exercise. We know when we have stuffed ourselves full of rubbish as much as we might not like to admit it. Healthy eating exercise and don't become too obsessed with it.
// These diets are all about buy my book buy my video buy my products etc //

There is no book that I'm aware of. You just limit yourself to 200 calories for 2 days a week and eat as you normally would for the other 5.
Seems reasonable to me as it's just about reducing the amount you eat.
I did the 5:2 started last August till April this year. You have to limit yourself to a certain amount calories for 2 days (woman 400 cals / man 600 cals). Rest of the week eat normally. I lost 1 st 8 lbs. My brother on same diet/duration lost 2 st 6 lbs stone (but he was exercising as well). There are no books, no special foods and no gimmicks, just reduction of calories for 2 days a week and your commitment.

I found this quite easy to do and so far, though I'm not on the diet now, have manage to steady my weight by continuing to eat sensibly. I would quite happily go back to this diet if my weight started to creep up again. I have recommend it to friends and they too have had a successful weight lose. I would say as well that doing this diet claims to have other 'medical' benefits (reduces bloody pressure, reduces the on-sweep of alzheimers and diabetes). Feel free to read up on the diet and make your own conclusions.

**Though I am not a doctor or in any medical profession, this is just what I have read myself. As with all diets, please consult with your Doctor **
A friend is doing this and it has worked incredibly well for her. But you do have to be disciplined to stick to it. I wouldn't be able to do it - no willpower
This really isn't a faddy diet. There was an excellent programme about Alternate Day Fasting and its benefits- not specifically for weight loss but for many health reasons. Fasting- ie- giving your system a rest so that it can stop digesting food for a bit and focus on fixing itself- has huge benefits for things like diabetes/cholesterol/inflammatory illnesses, and speaking from experience, the ONLY time I feel better (I have ulcerative colitis/arthritis) is the day after a fast. It is no big deal. One day you basically skip dinner, and that's all it is. There is a book called the Fast Diet, by the guy who made the programme Michael Mosley
Having tried every diet there is, this is the only way of eating that makes me feel well. Reducing calories every day does not have the same effect as this does. Have a read and try and watch the programme if you can. Some stuff on YouTube:
I'm thinking of having a go too. I haven't read any bad comments about this diet and it seems to work for everyone who does it. We only like basic food though, not gourmet meals and the suggested meals I have seen for the fasting days are too fancy for us. Think I will stick to raw veg, fruit and salad if they are allowed?
I watched this programme last year when it was aired and it made a real impression on me. I gave the alternate day fasting myself and lost a few lbs after a couple of months. It does take a bit of willpower but you just look forward to the following day when you can eat what you like. I would recommend watching this programme too then decide what you think. apparently this diet regime has been around for a long long time but is just getting attention now so it's not a new idea by any means.
High fibre low fat is all you need to get / keep slim. Forget calories.
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Wife and I are on this diet - works really well, nothing ventured nothing gained !!
Ann- you don't need fancy food on your fast days, just 500 cals. I found it didn't matter how I made up those calories, but I guess health-wise it would be sensible to include some protein, veg and fruit. Dr. Mosely has 2 scrambled eggs for brek and nothing all day, then one piece of salmon and veg for dinner. I sometimes have Oatso Simple & almond milk/ then some chicken and veg. Or one meal at 3pm of 500 cals- processed meals seem to be okay as they are at least calorie counted so no mistakes can be made. I might have Tilda sunshine rice (kids size) done in the microwave, and a veg curry made by Sainsbury's, and some broccoli, or something. Just a meal, you know! But 500 ish cals.Have what you like and what makes it easy for youl Quorn is great as it is filling and low calorie. Cheese pointless as high calorie and won't fill you up.
I've done it, it works.

I need to do it again as I lapsed, and now I lack motivation :o/

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