food and love

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tartufo | 04:54 Sun 17th Jul 2005 | Body & Soul
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why is it that when you fall in love you lose your appetite for food?????


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you dont lose it its just your trying to be all ladylike in front of your new fella kidding on you hardly eat anything wait a few months the difference will come lol.

tartufo - I do know what you mean. The night I met my husband & shared our first kiss, I realised something was 'different'. I couldn't eat for days - I then realised I was in love! Fortunately, he felt the same way.

We're still together after many, many years!

BTW - This might have received more response in ChatterBank.

I don't know why it happens tartufo but it does - are you in love?

However, when my oldest son discovered girls he carried on eating twice his body weight in food each day as normal.  When I asked him why being in love didn't put him off he just replied that he needed to keep his strength up.....I didn't ask, best not to know!

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yes i am in love, and for some strange reason i am not that hungry anymore?! Its wierd.

Lucky you - just enjoy it but don't waste away!!

I met my husband exactly 10 years ago today ( I know, I should be with him now but I've spent all bloody day with him, bless him. I was so off my food ( a size 8 with it) for weeks, it was a fab diet I didn't mean to do.  Nowadays I've filled out a little bit but never forget them early days where love and lust took over any food cravings.  Love you still loads Mr Sunflower. =)
I wish this happened to me...I don't think anything kills my appetite.

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food and love

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