brushing out dreadlocks

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Morrisonker | 04:27 Sun 17th Jul 2005 | Body & Soul
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Any tips on this?  I've been enlisted by a friend to give him a hand getting his hair back to tanglefree.  He hasn't had them long, only just starting out I suppose, but he's got a job interview which doesn't really suit the hairdo.  My plan was to slather the hair in intensive conditioner and then gentley tease out the hair then wash, repeat as required.  Anyone got any other ideas that might work and lessen the pain of untangling?


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only to cut them off and go for a really short look!
you have to cut em off... unless you have about a month to untangle... but then you'd split and break so much hair... and it will be likek straw... cut it off - he'll feel great.  Actually, my son had dreads and sometimes wore funny wigs/hats at events.  One summer he wore a ginger wig to festival... and half way through, when someone was making yet another joke about his wig (he was saying it was his real hair, ie had it cut and coloured ginger) he said "go on then, try and pull it off, you'll see it's real" - and off came the wig to reveal a shaved head.  suffice to say many dropped jaws and much laughter ensued :o))
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oh dear :( my friend really doesn't suit the shaved head thing, makes him look likea  neo nazi!  Guess I'll just have to be patient.

Work some warmed olive oil into the dreads and leave it for a little while. This will help to preserve the elasticity of the hair so that it doesn't split and break too easily. It will then need a good wash and a slathering of conditioner before you start the process of unravelling. I don't envy you the job. Good luck!

i know this is straying from your question but how do put dreadlocks in? is it hard to do?
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philandlil if you post a question asking about dreadlocks, previous answered questions will come uip, a lot of them are about starting out.  Unfortunatly dreads aren't the most hygenic hair style choice, it does tend to get a bit smelly.  I'm just glad my mate is only starting out, his hair is more matted than dreadlocked.

let them gorw back in a bit, and then cut them out. He might not look so much like a Neo-Nazi that way.

Pity me, though. I had mine cut off and got a number 2 buzz - I looked like the worst kind of stereotypical lesbian. Mind you, the girl behind the bar at my student union always served me pretty damned quick!

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brushing out dreadlocks

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