Movicol And Mebrevine

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MadMen | 09:53 Tue 21st May 2013 | Body & Soul
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(Not sure if I've spelt the above correctly - I'm fresh out.)

I phoned my GP surgery this morning to ask for a repeat prescription. She said I'd need to see my doctor to get one...??? Really don't understand this, but just wondering, are these both ok to stay on long-term, like forever?

Mebrevine 3 times a day
Movicol 6 times a day


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You are probably due your annual meds review, they wont give you anything without the review.
Don't know about the Movicol, but I have been on Mebeverine for years now for my Crohns, with no bad effects,
I did question if I needed to keep taking it last year whilst I was in hospital,
the doc said, stop it for a bit and you will find out,
I did and was in terrible pain by the end of the week, so back on it. X
Mebrevine is fine for lifetime use.
Movicol..I am not so happy about. I think that when your bowels start to settle, then you may need to "juggle" with the dose that suits you ( and your bowels.)
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Hmm, possibly. I haven't been on it for that long though, so seems a bit daft to review it already.

Sparkles, I can't believe the difference it's made. If I forget to take it at a certain time, I can really feel the difference. My stomach gets that weird hardness, knotted feeling.
Glad to hear it's helping you with your pains :) xx
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Morning Sqadlet :)
Well, I stopped taking the Movicol for a few days, and everything went back to 'normal'. No bowel movements at all. I took it back down to two a day, and still nothing. It seems 6 is the magic number for me and it's helped so much.
Just curious, that are they for?
OK..then no problem with a lifetime of Movicol.
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Well doc thinks IBS. I'm not so sure, but it's stopping the weird sensation I had in my stomach.
How long have you been on it and have you had it on repeat before?

If it's recent and they haven't put it on a repeat then it would need a GP to sort, if not then maybe they flagged it for review.
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Only had it a few weeks. Maybe 4. Didn't have it on repeat, no.

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Movicol And Mebrevine

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