After Cataract Operation?

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cupotee | 13:34 Thu 16th May 2013 | Body & Soul
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I had a cataract operation in February. Am still waiting an appointment for the second one.

The operated eye now doesn't open as wide as the unoperated eye. Has anyone else noticed this? Its quite noticeable too. I am also very aware of the new feels like I have something in my eye all the time.

My parents both had the operation but I don't recall this problem with them.

Goodness knows how much longer I have to wait for the next op. I was told 2 months but we're past that now.


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I do not speak from experience as i haven't had cataract surgery.

You cannot open your operated eye as well as the unoperated eye, because you have developed a weakness in the muscle of the upper eyelid called ptosis. This is a recognised complication of cataract surgery in a small percentage of patients.
It should resolve without treatment in less than a year.
Having had said operation, you'll find that the lid was held open during the peration by a multi-fingered clamp affair. I had some swelling due to that, but went away in maybe 3 weeks. Some friends report, as Sqad states, that swelling or weakness continued for a while.

What you're feeling is scar tissue formin over the minute incision required to withdraw the previous natural lens and insert the new one. My experience is that the area can still be felt occasionally even some ten years later. Especially if you have dry eyes, which is also not uncommon.
You may notice, if you press gently on the eye, you can actually "see the new lens. I can even see the stabilizing "wires" coming out of it. My opthamologist says maybe, maybe not... I have no other explanation for the phenomena, however.

Lastly, I expressed surprise to my opthamologist when the cataract was diagnosed since I felt I was too young for such an event. He said some cataracts are caused by age but many are caused by eye injury and eye professionals can tell the difference. I had, apparently, injured that eye some time in the past that I don't recall...

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Thankyou both so much. I feel a lot better knowing the lid could get stronger. I do try and open it as wide as I can hoping to make it work better.

I do hope I don't have too much longer to wait for the next surgery. I was originally told by the Consultant I won't need to wear specs again. That isn't so in my case as I already had a test and need near and far help with specs. I don't mind at all wearing specs having worn them every day since I was 10 years old....for 65 years.

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After Cataract Operation?

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