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gness | 19:42 Wed 15th May 2013 | Body & Soul
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Evening Sqad. I saw the orthopedic consultant today. How long do they live? He was a Mr. then. He asked if the remedy he had prescribed for a slight problem thirty odd years ago had done the trick.....good note
He said the MRI scan showed nothing wrong with my spine...I never had a worry about my spine. He stood behind me...I am in black knickers and a gown with the split up the back...and asked me to touch my toes...well, you know for anything. Then he bent me every which way....I lay on the couch and he bent me every which way.
Diagnosis....I have one leg quite a bit longer than the other...I always knew that. I always have had. And because wearing high heels helps it is obviously mechanical and I have to wear one built up shoe. I rarely wear shoes. Do I want a hospital appointment to have some sort of device made or did I want to find my own cobbler with instructions from the hospital?
Well, as the cobbler doesn't charge to park I chose the cobbler.
My symptoms...I said...point to intermediate claudication and the radiologist saw a dark area in my artery. What do I do about that?
Well...he said...if it bothers you, you could have a word with your GP.
Luckily the new Precis and Joe Green collections have arrived in town so retail therapy calmed me down.



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Oh and by the way he said I was very supple... ;-) x
Gness, Sqad's dealing with Ab Editor at the minute, nasty sting.
LOL......well there you knickers eh?

Well, I still think that it is intermittent claudication..........keep taking the statins and the high heels and monitor the situation.........;-)
I remember having to wear one of those gowns, nobody told me the opening was supposed to be at the back!!

The nurse was highly amused I can tell you, well it wouldn't close at the front!!!
RATTER....LOL....with you, there would be no difference........;-)
that's your story ratter, you stick to it...
Question Author
Of course they are silk! No VPL though..hate that. I agree with you...I C without a doubt. Off the statins temporarily but will see the GP sometime.......still in high heels though. ;-) x

Who has a nasty sting? Ed? Well it wasn't me!.........x
Question Author
Ratter!!! Is Wales ready for you?!!! x
Don't they get your goat Gness (not Tony's ;) I was also told this same cliche by an NHS chiropractor (or of same ilk) After much pummelling when he actually bruised my kidney and left me in agony for 2 months, he said "Oh, I see your problem, you have one leg 1" shorter than the other. (I could have told him that - I always have problems with the length of my jeans) He fished out a business card a said "I have a friend who is a podiatrist (friend - O yeah) and he will fix you up with a build up in your shoe" I asked him if he was NHS but he said "No, but he is excellent and won't charge much as I have recommended you" - Piffle! Needless to say I never went and my back problem got better on it's own. I think they just trot out the same old excuse if they don't know how to treat the problem. ;)
Oh and by the way he said I was very supple... ;-) x
Hmmm (Has wicked thoughts as to how gness would look like on the Operating Table in a pair of Lloyd-Davies poles)
Question Author
Oh I know Ann. He has given me another appointment to see him. If he wasn't so dishy I would cancel it. x
Question Author
Dream on Chilly..... ;-) x
Question Author
Jeeeeez..just googled that Chill! x
LOL, thought you might gness!
Oh dear me gness, I'll be round later did you know that I did a night school course in physiotherapy, got kicked out though !.
Question Author
Oh Lord...I dare not ask why Tony....:-) x
LOL, have a guess !.
Question Author
You didn't???? x
I'm afraid so yes. !!!!!
Question Author
Toneeee!! x

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