"my Gay Dad"...

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MadMen | 16:51 Wed 01st May 2013 | Body & Soul
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Just having a nose on FB and someone I went to school with has posted pictures of her Dad's recent wedding day, where she was a bridesmaid.
I was flicking through them and thinking "there's lots of pictures of him and the best man". But.... it turns out that was the person he was MARRYING!!

I just don't get it.


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He's obviously done a great job as a dad for his daughter to be so happy for him.
17:09 Wed 01st May 2013
Was his first wife a large lady?
The Lez and Gay scene is just the most fun that anyone can have, and the clubs and bars are fab.

But if I bumped into my father in the basement club at Legend's I'd be ...

... well, shocked.


"Hello, darling. This is Simon."

"Err ..."

(I realise that not all gay men are called Simon)
If my father came out as gay then he would no longer be my father

Ditto my son

TBH, if you were my father or my son JL, I'd come out just for the hell of it.

LO LOL @ both of you.
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Awfully sorry, only just noticed the further responses to this thread.

With regards to the whole 'shocked/don't 'get it' thing. It's a bit of both really.
I think I said I was gobsmacked, which is kind of the same thing as shocked. And no, I don't 'get it'. It's the whole 'lying to his wife and children' for the past 30-odd years that I 'don't get' - as many others have said.

I am also 'shocked' at Chuck's new avatar... and now fully understand last night's comment and confusion over his gender... :P

To conclude: I am easily 'shocked'... :)

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"my Gay Dad"...

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