What's It Called When /what's It Mean When...?

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dannyday5821 | 22:08 Sat 27th Apr 2013 | Body & Soul
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whats it called, and whats it mean when, you keep pushing someone away, but they keep returning?

whats it called, and whats it mean when you decide to really try your best (not in a bad way) to end it?

i really did try ending everything in the nicest way possible, but at the same time, make it as clear as i could that everything was finished with. To my genuine shock and surprise, instead they reeled me back in, not in a 'i refuse to accept this is finished' way, more in a, 'the doors always open' way...

now i don't know what to do... sonething or nothing. its as if there is no right or wrong answer...

with the little info you've got from the above, what do you think?


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they have low self-esteem, lack of self-respect.

perhaps you should be firm if you're not offering what that person wants.
End it. Then do not respond or react if the other party tries to contact you or attempt to accept that it is over.
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What's It Called When /what's It Mean When...?

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