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daffy654 | 12:08 Thu 25th Apr 2013 | Body & Soul
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Can anyone tell me if a blood pressure reading of 162/92 followed by 157/97 then 169/92 is anything I should be concerned about?


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Are these results of your own, daffy, or from a GP?
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These are readings just taken by a nurse in my own home.
Did the nurse comment at all, and can you recall what previous Blood Pressure readings have been?
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The nurse said I need to make an appointment to see my GP about it within 2 months, my blood pressure has always been low to normal.
Hi daffy :)

Strangely enough I was fitted with a 24hr BP cuff today at my GP surgery.

So i'm currently monitoring mine, I have to say i'm glad I persevered with it (long story) as it's falling each time which indicates whitecoat syndrome, which my GP thought.

I have managed to get to 154/84 and i'm delighted, hopefully will continue to fall.It was sky high this morning and any other times they take it at the practice.

So really, I suppose your reading are slightly high , as are mine, but have you higher ones to compare with?

Mine were over 200/?? this morning so I am very pleased. I'll keep any eye on your thread, key is relaxation I think but I don't know what you're doing, GP/Home readings.
Slow typer, you've answered some of my Q's :)
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The only time in my life I've had high blood pressure before was in my first pregnancy when it rose to 220/160 (eclampsia), I have never seen a bunch of doctors and nurses panic so much, it actually made me laugh to see them flapping about and they had to sedate me, as when I laughed the blood pressure went higher. :)

My normal readings have usually been around 120/70
I think a blood pressure reading of 160/90 ish would be considered high, daffy, but not something to panic about. It would be worth seeing your GP, and getting a further blood pressure test just to clarify the situation.

For a diagnosis to be made, you will need more than one instance of readings. I would definitely want to get it checked/confirmed with my GP,and since I am impatient I probably would want to see them sooner than 2 months though :)

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Thank you for the advice, I will phone my GP surgery now and see if I can get an appointment.
Sorry but I did laugh at you having to be sedated because the Doctors and Nurses were in a flap lol

It's concerning and tbh, I can only dream at having a reading of 120/70 but since they don't want to see you for 2mths I rather doubt they are as concerned as you rightly feel atm.

I've just had another one (it triggers every 30 minutes), i'm glad I persevered, 154/70...I am so in for brownie points from my GP tomorrow :)
Perhaps Daffy, get yourself one of those home blood pressure monitors and take readings yourself. The best way to keep a check.

You can take it different times of the day and compare readings to see if anything in particular is putting the pressure up.
Maybe a 24hr cuff daffy? Worth asking for,for peace of mind.

Mine has fallen where yours has raised so we have differing concerns.
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The nurse didn't seem overly concerned so I suppose I shouldn't be either. You have all put my mind at rest and I will wait and see what the GP says when I see him.
Get yourself a Lloyds pharmacy blood pressure monitor for about £20. Checked mine and it was 160/90 ish. Went to quacks who said yes, it was a bit high so im now on Amlodipine and Losartan

Try the BP test at different times of the day...i do 3 tests in the morning, 3 when i get home from work and 3 in the evening. Always do them when you have been resting for 15 mins.

Good luck, go to the GP, it could save your life in the longer term.

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