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NoMercy | 22:11 Mon 15th Apr 2013 | Body & Soul
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Hi there.

For the last couple of weeks I've been having dizzy spells on pretty much daily basis. These can occur when I'm sitting down. Apart from some lapses in concentration, there are no other features of note.

A few nights ago when I got up in the middle of the night to take some painkillers for my shoulder, I had a sudden attack of vertigo and collapsed on the floor. When I managed to get myself back to bed I felt very nauseous but this eventually passed

Any thoughts?


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Low BP??
well no mercy I suffer from vertigo big time but am on tablets - I have Menieres disease which causes it - you do need to go to the doctor who will prescribe medication for you. This is something you can't self-medicate. Good luck!
Ooh NoM, I have no medical advice because, as you know, I am brainless lol but I just wanted to say I hope you feel better soon. xxx
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BP is normal, Wardlaw

I feel otherwise fit and healthy, vodka.

Could be postural hypotension or more likely, inner ear problems. I`m not an expert though.
Need Doc's advice now. Good luck :)
I get postural hypotension. When I stand up I faint. Or sometimes when I have a wee and also when I get tickled excessively. I also get massive headaches after the big "o" and if I stand during one well erm the same thing. Obviously thats not happening to me when Im just sat down though.
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Interesting reading, LG. Thanks for the link. I do sometimes feel like my right ear is blocked and get regular hot flushes at work (it's like a solarium there at times).

Will be interesting to hear Sqad's thoughts.
I had something that sounds very similar. It was actually to do with my ears. I went to GP who prescribed some tablets and after a month or so was back to normal. Apparently quite common after bad colds and such things.
I'll just change my answer to 'what Lazy Gun said'....
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Thanks everyone for your replies.
NoMercy, I have been having virtually the same symptoms for over a week. I have put it down to a virus. Also my stomach has felt out of sorts as well, which can also cause dizzy feelings.

Sorry no mercy if you have it bad like collapsing on the floor - it doesn't go away. I still have mine 2 years back in January. Remember it well - frightens you so much. However, through talking to other people who have vertigo their doctor took them off their medication - I was taking 3 16mg a day and was still taking the attacks. Please God, I reduced to one a day and feel quite good for the past few months. Sometimes like today a bit lightheaded.
Hi! the harbour having breakfast and just seen your question.
Not straightforward so will answer it when I get back home in about one hour.
Mrs sqad has nipped to the shops.........

Just a few comments based on your post.
Nothing sinister springs to mind and in the majority of these cases, there is either a " made up diagnosis by the doctors or a diagnosis of " one of those things"

History is the most important thing here as in the vast majority of cases, physical examination and investigations have little or nothing to contribute.

The inevitable " link" from the Mayo Clinic is an example of "Catalogue Medicine" thumb through it and pick a likely disease......makes my blood boil.

If I remember correctly, I think that you had similar episodes some couple of years back........if that is not so........forget it.

When the attacks come on, do you get a feeling of rotation, spinning or is it just that your surroundings just go"far away.?
How long do they last.....secs or minutes?
Are they associated with movements of the head or do they come on ay any time?
Any deafness, discharge or tinnitus?
Are you taking any medication?
Any underlying medical conditions?......what about neck pain.

I will then do my best..;-)
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Hi Sqad.

I'm not taking any meds and the dizziness does occur spontaneously without and head movements. No associated loss of hearing or tinnitus. Attacks only last seconds at a time. On one or two occasions I've felt like my vision has gone out of focus. The majority of attacks have occurred mid-morning.

I did find LG's link quite helpful and interesting!

Thanks for your help and advice.
Morning NoM.

OK as I said previously nothing sinister comes to mind and at this moment the most likely diagnosis is " one of those things."

Monitor the situation for a few weeks, but I do have the feeling that it will disappear as mysteriously as it arrived.

Get back to us if there are any further developments.

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