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ruthandsam | 16:49 Thu 21st Mar 2013 | Body & Soul
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I've just been prescribed Sertraline. Do I take it in the evening with my quetiapine or in the morning? Very nervous about taking it as had a bad reaction to Citalopram combined with quetiapine for use in hypomania, etc.



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Hc, a mental nurse is the expert (can't remember her full username)

It doesn't really matter when you take it as long as it is the same time every day.
I have met a few mental nurses in my day. Some of the experiences were pleasant, some not so much... :)
hi, ruthandsam. i'm a nutty nurse (is it me you are thinking of squad?) and you usually take sertaline in the morning. if you take it at night it can disturb your sleep pattern. sertraline in the morning and quetiapine at night seems like a good regime. what doses of both meds are you on? also - do not stop the sertraline suddenly as the discontinuation symptoms are not very nice. i will subscribe to the thread if you want further adviceor a chat. regards....lisa x are the one......sorry.
lazy gun - you would have liked me. i am very chilled at work and the ward is surprisingly calm when i am there. i detest the office and it's politics, so spend all my time hanging out and chatting to patients. i respect them, and they respect me back. it is that simple.....oh, and i never lie or make false promises.....and find being quite blunt and honest is the best policy x
hi squad! (never been called an expert before....but i like it!) x
\\\.but i like it!\\\

That is what i have heard...........;-)
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Oooo - thanks guys for your responses, they are really helpful.

Quetiapine 550 mg MR at night and now
Sertraline 50 mg

A bit nervous because Citalopram sent me high as a kite so I was wondering how would Sertraline be any different?

Many thanks again.......x
ssri's like citalopram can send people a bit high if they are that way inclined. i can't promise that any other anti depressant (including sertraline) won't do the same, but it is a process of trial and error. 50mg is a small starting dose, so that's good and it is also an ssri - but a second choice of treatment after the obvious suspects (citalopram, fluoxetine etc). sertraline tends to work more like the older tri-cyclic anti depressants, so is a good choice if you have already had a reaction to others. if this doesn't pan out, i would recommend you try venlafaxine, duloxetine or agomelatine instead (and in that order, if possible). it took me ages to find the right drugs to keep me sane (i have psychotic depression) and it's worth all the trying and waiting to get it right. try and stay positive and report back to your gp or shrink if you have any issues. regards, lisa x
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Thank Lisa, et al.

I'll start it tomorrow so I've not got work to contend with at the same time.....x

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