Constantly Needing To Wee But Cant

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gordie1 | 21:02 Wed 20th Mar 2013 | Body & Soul
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HI I have been to the loo a few times today but no more than usual and I keep on wanting to go every five minutes but nothing happens. I dont know if I have a UTI


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Just make sure you drink lots of water or weak tea and it should go unless it is of course a urine infection which will mean a trip to the doctor's.
Have you been able to pass any urine at all and when was the last time.

An urge/feeling like you need to wee but not needing to wee can be very different from not being able to wee at all which is more serious and medical advice should be sought asap.

How much fluid have you drunk today?
If it has recently come on you need to go to the docs and maybe have tests to find out what is wrong. My pal had the same thing and he is on his 4th course of antibiotics and has been asked to go to hospital to have his bladder checked out. How old are you?
You're diabetic aren't you? In that case if you cannot pass urine then ring the out of hours docs for advice tonight.

Hopefully Sqad or someone else in the know if diabetes could be problematic (or even a cause), I don't know much about it, but don't wait for answers on here.
If you haven't been able to wee at all for a number of hours now, I advise you to go to a 24 hour walk in centre or to the a&e. you'll need medical treatment to drain your bladder and to help determine the cause. Don't leave it too much longer otherwise you'll be in pain and you'll catch the a&e at their busier times later on. You'll be fine but you need to wee and to find out whether its an infection or a temporary blockage.
I agree with may well indicate a prostate problem.

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Constantly Needing To Wee But Cant

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