You're Confused Sqad?!

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gness | 20:17 Wed 13th Mar 2013 | Body & Soul
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I feel like I'm in an episode of Soap.

Consultant confirmed Intermediate you a private consultation in September. He ordered an angiogram. I told them I had had a reaction to the contrast and they said they would deal with that at the appointment. They didn't. I was sent away to wait for another appointment which I finally got after many phone calls....that was an ultrasound. The person doing it said the pulses in my legs were good and the arteries seemed fine but she could see something in my tummy but not clear enough to see what. I would need another test...angiogram without contrast?
That appointment came through for the end of May...moved to mid April but brought forward to today by my GP after...again...many calls to the vascular department.
The nurse I first saw today said the appointment was to discuss the angiogram results....that couldn't be....I've not had one.
In a nutshell...if I the consultant said my arteries were no worse than anyone else my age....he didn't know what the ultrasound had shown in my tummy....perhaps a thickening or a kink....but I was doing well at improving my symptoms myself...????
That I have pain in my hip if I don't wear high heels means I may be better seeing a bone and joint specialist and having an MRI scan. I told him what you said about vascular treatment by heel raising pre statins and vascular surgery....he suggested varying the heel height to see what happens...???
My symptoms, as you have said, point to Claudication but I think the MRI will be a good idea and I do know, only by reputation, the specialist I am now going to see and he is good.....I feel whatever the problem I may get further with him than with the chap I have been seeing...well twice.
Have I made that any clearer? I hope so but lordy....I hate all this toing and froing.......In my head I have a question.....I see an expert for an least I once thought so. :-(
Shall we start a book on how long I wait for the MRI....50/50 on the takings?

For listening to my waffle.....thank you......Gx


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LOL....come and have a cuddle.....;-)

Well now.......we are questioning whether you do indeed have intermittent claudication and peripheral vascular disease and perhaps the pain is coming from your hip.

You need the MRA as i have already pointed out and perhaps you need to see an orthopaedic surgeon re . you hip.

Not an example of medicine at it's best.

Come to Spain and it will be sorted out in 2 weeks maximum...;-)
Question Author
You have no idea how tempting an offer that is......thank you. :-) xx
Scuse me.....!
Question Author
Arrrghhhh! But I shall be getting cuddled all the way to France on Monday!
Well....sort of.... ;-) x

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