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Ann | 12:02 Fri 18th Jan 2013 | Body & Soul
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My 89 year old Mum has received a marketing flyer offering free eye tests from Lloyds Pharmacy in her home.

She is keen to do this but I am a little concerned that it would not be as thorough as tests done in proper opticians. They say they bring all the equipment with them, but my question is - would they be able to bring the field vision box and eye pressure measurement too - it would be a lot of equipment to lug around in addition to a selection of frames.

I wondered if anyone else has had experience of this home servive from Lloyds and if so, what was your opinion please?


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Are these reliable do you think Sqad?
I haven't ann - but if they are undertaking NHS tests then they will have to conform to required standards - however, any optician should come out and undertake a home test if someone is housebound. Mine certainly does.
can your mum get out? If you are worried about he breadth of the home test and she can, then she should go to the optician. If she can't, surely any test is better than none?
As Boxy says, opticians will all do home eye tests for the elderly and disabled. So I would enquire at a reputable opticians, rather than go to Lloyds Pharmacy. The eye test will still be free.
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Yes thanks, she can get out (we can take her) but she is easily taken in by marketing gumf which comes through the door so I have to be careful ......
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Forgot to say - a few years ago she was diagosed with Macular Degeneration but honestly I see no evidence of it ........ she reads 10 Library books in 3 weeks (large print though) and can see very well for her age.
That's great, ann - my mother used to love to read up until she died at 94, it kept her in touch with the world and kept her mind alert. She had 2 cataract ops over the years. Sight is a precious thing!
People have been providing these domicillary eye tests for years. Not all optical equipment is big and they do have portable tonometers (pressure tests) and visual field machines. Many large companies offer these services as do many local independent opticians. Some will also have portable retinal cameras etc but I would go with one from recommendation if possible.
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Thanks for that York - its good to know! I wouldn't want Mum to go out in this awful weather anyway so we may book her for a home visit. Lloyds Pharmacy is generally a good chemist chain I think?

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Lloyds Home Eye Tests

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