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lcg | 19:31 Tue 15th Jan 2013 | Body & Soul
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just to let you know.....the boy didn't have appendicitis in the end, but a severe bowel infection and something wrong with the lymph nodes. he has just been discharged from hospital after quite a few days and is still feeling very rough and taking enough pills to knock out a horse! he is still sleeping loads, but at least he narrowly avoided an operation too. it has cost me an arm and a leg while he has been in hospital and i have spent my food money for the month on travel and bits and bobs for him.....but worth every penny to have him home and in one piece......jut thought i'd share ;-) x


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hello, lgc76

your update is appreciated, thank you

please pass on my best wishes to him
Lots of TLC now for him. Very good news and a big relief for you.
I've obviously missed posts about this previously, but just wanted to say that it must be a relief to you and him that he's now on the mend.

Now go make soup- or whatever it is you give to sick people nowadays ;-)

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thanks, excel....will do. he was chuffed about people on ab thinking of him from my other thread and he will be again. lol @ boo: he's just had some home made chicken soup! his appetite is rubbish, though and he's lost a lot of weight....and he's still in pain, bless him x
That's good news, lcg x
Great news lcg. I'm glad he's home and chicken soup is Ace xxx
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thanks, guys. he's tucked up in bed for the night now.....bless him! x
hugs for you lcg ((((()))))
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thanks lady j....that's nice x
Great news, you must be relieved. All the best to him xx
Thanks for letting us know icg, hope he feels fully recovered soon. The expense of travel etc always mounts up when someone is in hospital, plus I bet you are feeling whacked yourself.
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hi mrs o.....hope you are feeling a bit better too. has been exhausting going to and fro (as i don't drive and my back is still giving me jip) and sooooo expensive. he didn't even have decent pj's, slippers, toiletries etc. (and guess who had to buy them, lol!). he's been up already, groaning with pain....i just fed him more pills and he's gone back to sleep. he looks so cute all sausage-rolled in his bed (even if he is a 6'5'' monster man-boy!!!) x
They will always be our little boys x
Good to hear he is home, with youth on his side he will soon get well x
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and mother is always right! (it took him two weeks to go anywhere and have his stomach looked at - by which time it had turned into a raging infection). men....x
So glad he is home recovering Icg - thinking of you x
bless him hope hes soon better dosent matter how old they are ,they are still our babies

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