Im Going On A Diet And Need Help And Advice Please.

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RATTER15 | 09:51 Mon 14th Jan 2013 | Body & Soul
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Im 55 years old
im 5'11
im I currently weigh 14.8 stone = 93.8 Kg

I have never been big built but since I gave up smoking (50 a day) 8 years ago I have put on weight, I now have a good size "beer belly" I dont drink alcohol in any quantity of concern, literally a few pints a year.

Nearly all the males on my Fathers side and including my Father died in their 50s from heart attacks.

I admit to having a "very" large appetite that was never an issue until more recent years, I think my age combined with giving up smoking has now decided to pile on the pounds.

My problem is, realistically for me to reduce my weight I still need to eat reasonable portion sizes, I cant live on salad although I do like a bit of salad preferably with a lb of cheese with it or plenty of meat. I like Mexican type foods and Indian Curries along with most English foods.

Gym and routine exercising is never going to happen as I generally dont have the time or the inclination. I do however work a lot and fairly active. I would like to try interesting beans and pulses, I love all meats but not into strange concoctions made from fungus etc!

My good lady Carakeel is doing the diet with me, she is a great cook and I know will come up with great ideas but I need all the help I can get.

We very rarely eat processed convenience foods and I do love all meats.

what are your views on chicken, sweet potato, ordinary potato, pasta, beans and pulses, butters and spreads, types of bread?

all ideas welcomed!


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Our dive doctor recommends the best eating regime I’ve found. Only fruit before 12 noon, proper lunch and proper dinner, don’t mix carbs with protein in the same meal (better still not on the same day), eat little bread, and restrict cheese and butter to very rare occasions. That way you can, for example, have a whole chicken if you like, or a huge steak, or a...
10:38 Mon 14th Jan 2013
As others have said, dont go ON a diet, CHANGE your diet.

We are all on ON diets (what we eat is our diet), it is just that some of us are on "bad" diets and some of us on "good" diets.

So decide to change your diet FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE.

Eat smaller portions, dont eat so much bad food, walk round the block a few nights a week and so on.

No need for these stupid "fad" diets where you eat just cauliflower and beetroot or whatever.

Weight can take years to put on, so dont expect to lose it in a few weeks. Look to lose it over the next few months and years.

It is a long haul, not a "quick fix"
We are in the same boat Ratter, we both need to lose weight, OH especially as he is nearly 18 stone but has been big most of his life, same as his father and grandfather, despite not eating huge meals. At the moment he eats small fruit dish of Special K with semi-skimmed milk for breakfast, 4 crackerbread crispbreads with Clover light and cheese or ham or pate + an Activia yogurt for lunch. I mainly cook fresh meals for dinner with proper potatoes, green veg and meat + fruit, icecream or yoghurt for pudding. Recently we have been eating a bit of bread (lunch out while shopping etc) or with lunchtime soup etc so we could easily cut that out but I think the main reason is lack of exercise for him. He has a bad knee so can't walk far or go to the gym (can't afford a gym anyway) I can always diet (when I get into the right frame of mind!) but I love fruit, veg and salad and could live on those, but Hubby can't - he not keen on most fruits but loves his meat and cheese. We can't afford to go to a slimming club and on diet websites they give so many foreign and weird recipes and we only eat basic English food (but hate fast food and junk food) any suggestions please?
The calculation is actually pretty simple Ratter - If you genuinely wish to lose weight, you need to eat less, exercise more. There is no getting around it, no magic pill, and you cannot compromise on these fundamental points.

Cut back on grazing, snacking. Cut down on portion sizes. Switch out bread, potatoes, meat and eat more fruit and vegetables. Cut back on alcohol consumption - liquid calories, alcohol :)

I am in the same boat, and am trying to change it. I am following something called the 5:2 plan. which is essentially to pretty much eat as normal ( following the basic rules outlined above) for 5 days of the week, but for 2 non-consecutive days of the week eat next to nothing, more or less fasting. It appears to have had good results, based upon some trials etc.
it might be worth bearing in mind that "exercise" doesn't necessarily mean "working out in a gym"; it basically means "moving". Where, when and how much of it you do is up to you, but all of it will - to some degree - work off the pounds.
I dont think you sound very overweight at all. but agree with the others that dont go on a 'diet' - just make little changes that you can keep permanently ie using low fat spread instead of butter, cutting all the fat off meat, the little changes will all add up long term.
I would seriously urge anyone trying to lose weight to try what I've suggested. You don't need to suffer, you don't need to count calories, or restrict portion sizes, and you don't need to forego all the things you like - just change the way you eat. It's a healthy regime and one for life - and once you've got into the swing of it, you can have the odd Mars Bar or McDonalds - or pudding - or cream cake - or ice cream - with no ill effects. I don't have a problem with weight, but my husband lost the three stones he needed to lose with no trouble at all - and he's kept it off. We eat like this all the time now - except when we eat out - and then we have what we want and go back to this the next day. It works!
What`s the science behind food combining? I can`t see it myself.
I have lost over 5 stone since I consciously decided to do something about my weight (i was very much in denial).
I decided not to diet but to make some healthier life style changes, even if its something little like using smaller dinner plates. We had big square plates and I didn't realise how big my meals actually were!
but I honestly think that exercise is the best route and not just diet alone.
you dont have to go mad and join a gym and wear spandex (although spandex does feel nice ;) )
but walking cycling etc,
But I think like me and most men past a certain age we do tend to carry our extra weight round our middle and its a really hard to shift
Good Luck.
Before you make a lifestyle change,read this. It will explain why most 'diets' don't work-and will give you the knowledge to make the right food choices. User Recommendation

"Taubes reveals the bad nutritional science of the last century, none more damaging or misguided than the “calories-in, calories-out” model of why we get fat, and the good science that has been ignored, especially regarding insulin’s regulation of our fat tissue. "
I heartily recommend Slimming World - by the way I'm connected to them in any way. You won't think "diet" - its a healthy way of eating and you will be surprised that you can eat all the pasta, potaoes rice etc. on their Extra Easy plan and its REAL food - no madeup drinks or packets of gunge.
You can join online and I wish you well. I lost two and a half stone when I was at the same weight as you. Good luck.
Sorry I should have said I'm NOT connected to S W in any way.
I'm trying to lose weight and trying to cut out carbs and 2 meals which I have really embraced are 1) omelette - with anything left in the fridge (mushrooms, peppers, tomatoes, onions. nice ham and only ever a little bit of cheese) and 2) steak with roasted vegetables - it doesn't matter if it's a big steak as long as the veg portion is even bigger !

Good luck
Spanish Bean & Chorizo Soup.

2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil, 1 medium finely chopped & diced onion, 2 gloves of garlic peeled and finely chopped, 1 tablespoon plain flour, 1.2litres ham stock, 1x450g (16oz can) rinsed butter beans, 100g )3.5oz broad beans & 250g (0oz) think chorizo sausage finely cubed.

Heat olive oil in large saucepan, sweat the onion and garlic gently until softened.
Stir in the flour and continue to stir for about 5 mins.
Pour in stock really slowly stirring until flour takes up liquid completely
Add butter beans and broad beans.
Simmer until beans are almost tender
Add the chorizo and heat through.

I only made this for the first time yesterday and I don't personally think it needs that much chorizo and I'll be using probably only a quarter of the amount next time. I also think I would want to thicken the soup so it's more like a stew by using either potatoes or a bit more flour. I also think it doesn't need that much oil. I like to do it properly first before I start fart arsing around with them but this can one can be made much healthier... although a bowl of this should keep you nice and full and if you're active during your work (which you obviously are) then I don't think it's likely to pile on the pounds. :c)
Sweet Potato & Garlic Soup.

2 Bulbs of garlic, 750g (or 1lb 10oz) of sweet potato peeled and cubed, 1.5litres veg stock.

Cut the tops off garlic bulbs but don't peel 'em and wrap in foil and roast at 200 degrees or 400F (gas mark 6) for 15 - 20 mins.
Meanwhile, simmer the sweet potato in the stock and whizz until smooth using with blender or processor.
Cool the garlic until it's comfortable to handle then squeeze out the pulp.
Put the sweet potato mixture back on the heat.
Add the garlic pulp and whisk throughly. (I actually just blended mine all together again and this worked fine and made a really nice thick soup).

When I made this one I added chilli as otherwise I would have found the soup far too sweet. This is another really filling soup.
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Thanks China, they sound very appetizing :-))

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