Ann Summers Pleasure Gel

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Morrisonker | 22:18 Sat 25th Jun 2005 | Body & Soul
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I know this can be used on the genital area, but can it be used as a lubricant (like KY jelly)?  There is nothing in the tub which warns against it but just wanted to make sure :)


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How much is it and what does it do morrisonker!! And can blokes use it( :)but dont tell me misses, nod nod wink wink( :)
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It goes all tingly, warm and cold.  It's about �10 :)


They sell a great body glide which can be used for anything and works wonders.

Unique formulation that is never sticky or tacky - extra long lasting - never dries out - no cleanup necessary - economical drop per drop - non toxic - tasteless - fragrance free - non allergenic - skin conditioner and moisturiser - leaves skin silky and smooth - non pore blocking - oil and fat free - scentless - preservative free - not tested on animals.

biggsy, does that stuff cook the breakfast in the morning and wash the car in the afternoon too?? seems it does everything else really well!
biggsy is it safe.......have you tested it?
Yes me and Biggsy have tested it (purely for educational purposes!!) and it works wonders. Doesn't cook the breakfast I'm afraid but does in fact do the hoovering!
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Thanks guys, but I actually need to know about this particular product, not other ones.
If it goes tingly warm and cold I wouldn't use it as a lube.


I have just ordered some of this from Ann Summers and though I have a faint idea of what its used for and does, I would like to know more from people who have tested it ect.

Would be grateful


Clayre x

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Ann Summers Pleasure Gel

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