How to remove fake tan?

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samie_boo | 13:24 Fri 24th Jun 2005 | Body & Soul
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Does anyone know how I can remove fake tan from my legs i've used 'Ambre sloaire No streaks spray' i've also managed to get it on the soles of my feet (i have no idea how) and They look like they've been tango'ed! Ive tried exfoliating and no luck!!!! Please help as im off out tonight and have no trousers to hide underneath?

Mant thanks

P.s If anyone anyone knows of a fake tan lotion which soaks in straight away and you can see colour (as a guide) as u apply? 


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A couple of days ago we had a discussion about this very same tan.  It's awful and I had to wait about a week for it to fade.  Chuck it in the bin.

Ooh I did exactly the same thing with the same product last weekend & it's only just worn off!!  This thread was on a few days ago if it helps  here !!

Posted at the same time neti!!
Same damned product Robinia and I was seriously thinking of trying it again, but won't now.

I've heard lemon juice helps, though have never tried it amd too scared to fake tan in case I go streaky.  I'm now going for the pale and interesting look.  Or pale at least.

Unfortunatley once it has taken there isnothing you can do except exfoliate your body and hope it fades sharpish! St.Tropez tanning lotion has a guide colour and they also do a tan remover but you have to put it on up to 4 hours after you have applied it so mainly for hands etc. It is one of the best tans i ever worked with in a salon so i can highly recommend it and i never had any unsatisfied customers. I would never advise anyone to buy spray on tans they are rubbish and you don't get to rub them in adequatley to give you a nice even tan. Bin it!
it  don't matter what you use all that fake tan in a bottle stuff is crap. i used sally hanson aresol spray and i look like a freak! thank god for pants, atleast i didn't put it on my face!
I was just reading an article on fake tan in a magazine (heaven knows why as I never tan, shows the extent of my boredom today) and it said that Fake Bake develops colour as you apply so you can see where you've put it.  It did also say it's quite a deep colour though.

I'm really worried about using fake tans, so I bought a crackling bronzing foam stuff from Virgin Vie recently, about �10 abottle and its lovely. I did what I could then waited, any bits Id missed could be added a bit later and it looked great, just gave me a bronzy glow and the way it crackles feels wonderful. It washes off straight away so is safer than fake tan.

I'd highly recommend it.

Just a thought i use Rimmel shimmer for face and body, i use the golden glow but you can get a darker one that is really good and washes straight off, i would advise wearing gloves to apply it though or exfoliating your hands throughly afterwards. Costs about �4.99 from boots. Looks like a tan and is smells lovely
Clinique Self Sun goes on the actual colour of the tan so you can see if you have missed anywhere. It's a bit dramatic but I use Swarfega hand cleaner for paint on streaks and it gets rid of them, but also the top layer of skin! SASHAGREEN -  I tried Sally Hansen Airbrush legs too - it's like spray painting your legs, in natural light it looked fantastic. Then I got to work and stood under a florescent light. My legs were the colour of the border around this question - and glowing! Fortunately you can wash that off straight away.
Just wondered why anyone bothers with fake tan or a real (skin cancer causing) one for that matter.

What did we do in the days before fake tan was invented?! I find tanning towels easiest to use, but I wish they'd invent a tinted sort. Has anyone tried Boots No7 tinted tanning lotion?

Yes I have used Boots tanning lotion for years - it used to  be called Skin Tin and works very well. Put the brown lotion on cotton wool and wipe it over your skin - only washes off in the shower and not if you get caught in the rain. When we had a pub I used to hate wearing tights so used it all year round on my legs and now when we go on holiday I put it on the morning we are leaving so I am not mikly white when we get where we are going.I also use M & S facial bronzer and leg specialist which are also wash off products and also very good - especially the facial one.

ok dont worry all you need is whitening toothpaste its great for removing fake tan you need the whitening one though the normal one doesnt work. You have to scrub a bit it could take a while if its your whole body, but if you dont mind perservering good luck :) xx
ps. I tryed that tan and its awful, i have yet to find a fake tan that is any good but if i find a good one ill post it on here xx.
I had the exact same problem last night! Thought I had applied it properly and didnt see the results until this morning .. what a shock! totally orange and un-natural looking with big streaky white patches everywhere! apparently a lemon juice and sugar mixture takes off fake tan. I couldnt get my hands on any lemon juice but these work aswell:
- Clearasil pore treatment lotion (LOL i was desperate!) rubbed on a wipe and scrub skin
- Mr Muscle lemon kitchen cleaner haha!
its no joke these things actually work. They wont completely remove the tan but it will it even it out and make it look less streaky and un-natural. Hope this has been useful :)
hey, i used the exact same fake tan spray last night, really pleased with the results apart from the same as you i got it on soles of my feet, lol. guna try toothpaste and foot scrub to see if that helps.
i usually use fake bake aerosol but run out and waiting for new tin to arrive in post.
fake bake hhas a colour guide in it so you can see where and how much you have applied!
good luck
Lemon jucie!
This is fairly helpful have a look there! It talks about st tropez as said above its well reviewed Media URL:
Description: How to remove fake tan
Ive just used the exact no straks spray tan and my god you should see my legs and feet, what a bloody mess, just written to them and complained. x

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