how much weight can i lose in 3 weeks?

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stellagirl19 | 21:05 Tue 21st Jun 2005 | Body & Soul
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I am going away in 3 weeks time and have left it till now to try and lose weight I really would like to lose a stone how much can i expect to lose in 3 weeks?


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It really depends on how overweight you are. I've lost 10 pounds in the last 2 weeks, but I'm very overweight. If you've only got 1 stone in total to lose, it'll be tougher. Aim for 2-3 pounds a week at most. 1-2 is better if you plan to keep it off.
about 2 pounds per week

Without being disrespectful, if you were content with your weight up till now, you are going to lose nothing in 3 weeks.

And if your weight is not a problem to you under normal circumstances, why ruin your holiday by punishing yourself with a crash diet that (and I dare bet diamonds on this) you will not be satisfied with anyway.

Perhaps think about losing some for next years Hols, meanwhile, enjoy this years jus the way you are.

yes you probably can lose a stone in three weeks but you will be hungy and miserable and when you go on holiday and start to eat again you will put on that stone and more very quickly so unless you intend not to eat properly again
I would just start to eat homemade natural food with lots of fruit and veg and carry it on, you will lose it eventually and more enjoyably, so just go and buy some fab clothes that fit you now and have a fantastic holiday

Why not just go on a feel good diet, just generally healthy with loads of fruit and veg and such and lots of water and keep active, if you enjoy it go swimming or do some yoga etc... to tone up a bit and maybe do some cardio classes (dance, combat etc...) to get your body pumping or just go walking cycling etc... while it's nice. 

Just make sure it's something you enjoy and makes you feel good.

That in itself will probably make you feel great, get rid of bloating and help your skin and hair etc...

Treat yourself to a new slimming haircut and some clothes which make the best of the way you are now.

It may make yourself feel so good you just keep on going and, if you need it, lose the weight naturally anyway. 

Crash dieting will just make you miserable and it's likely you'll just pile it all back on and more when you're done whereas the above will hopefully make you look and feel great generally.

Have a fantastic holiday :)

i bought a diet off ebay where you can lose 10lb in 3 days, i know losing weight that fast is bad for you but if you are interested i will email it to you. i would post it in my answer but im not sure if im allowed to for legal reasons.
i 2 am going away in 3 weeks and need to lose a stone phil lil i would be really interested in seeing your diet please :)

munchbunch i will send u a copy of the diet if u want 2  e-mail me your e-mail adress at

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thanks you guys ii have lost the stone i wanted to lose by doing ths slim fast plan it works!
Which plan did you do?
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i just did the slimfast plan where u have a shake for breakfast and lunch and then a 600 calorie meal for dinner it hard to stick to bit I thinks its great f if you only have a stone or so to lose

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how much weight can i lose in 3 weeks?

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