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Ric.ror | 14:06 Tue 21st Jun 2005 | Body & Soul
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I am 43 years old and have two grown up sons. I have been on my own since they were toddlers and I used to have a fairly good social life. I had a few 'friends' and we went out at least once a week. I now find myself without the responsiblity of my children but without any friends, the ones I had have either got involved with new partners or have in one way or another let me down. I would like to meet more people but I am not really intrested in going out to bars again - I could bump into my children. I would like to have friends to meet for lunch or basically just have friends. How can I meet new people


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You could try something like an adult learning class, say a foreign language for example. I guess anything like that where you are meeting people on a social level would be a start.

If you go to your local area website, it usually has a list of what's on in the area, could see if anything there takes your fancy?  Or your local library may have info on stuff that's going on in the area.  You could see if there are any speed dating events too?

you could join some dance classes, like salsa??  Or evening classes like elgroucho suggested.

Join a club or try speed-dating.

Speed-dating would offer earlier promise but, if you follow a hobby that you enjoy, you are more likely to meet someone with similar interests. Maybe someone else looking for friendship too?

I'd agree with the above posts, find something you're interested in and join a group/class or something to do with that. That way you'll meet people with whom you have at least one thing in common. Here's some suggestions: bird watching, book club, dancing, keep fit, family history (one of the fastest growing hobbies in the country!), helping out at a local beach/park/canal tidy...........

By the way, what's wrong with going down the pub at 43????!!! I'm 43, though my children are younger than yours, and I still go down the pub, usually on quiz night!

Get dressed up and go out with your sons! Their friends have Mums and Dads in exactly the same predicament as you.

However you decide to aproach your new social life, whether you go line dancing or crochet class, you can be sure most others there are there for exactly the same reason.

Happy Hunting!

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Thanks for all the advice the thing is I dont really want a relationship and I tend to meet people who are only really interested in starting one or doing out to find one
Hi. At your time of life I understand that it is difficult to make friends but wha I think you need to do is to identify an interest you have, more than an interest it would need to be a passion,  then go out there and find like minded people. I can assure you adults in general will not fall over themselves to make new friends but if you can identify a hobby or interest you will find like minded people who statistically you will get on with.
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There are tons of activities you can take party in. my auntie does yoga and dancing and makes loads of friends that way. And she alays gets dates too. My mum went to italian lessons and now she always has someone to go on holiday with. My other auntie went back to college and made loads of new friends there.

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