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Morrisonker | 20:45 Thu 16th Jun 2005 | Body & Soul
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Just since this morning I've been getting a really sharp pain stabbing randomly in my ear, like inside around the ear drum.  I had a shower this morning so I think maybe water got stuck in it, but it's never happened before and I didn't do anything different.  Any idea what caused it and how I can stop it hurting?


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this happened to me last week and i came down with the flu.  I had sore ears and throat for about a week.

Don't think there is anyway of stopping it from hurting mind.

hey Morrisonker, you could try ear candles they helped my mum xx

maybe your ear drum is about to perforate - or you have an ear infection.  It does sound like fluid got in there, if you don't have the pain now you should be ok. 
I don't wish to be a Jobs comforter but if it hasn't gone soon go to the doctor.I had this about three weeks ago and it got proggesively worse and my neck swelled up and lo and behold I had mumps! Plus I am no spring chicken and suffered greatly with a childrens ailment !
I hope it is nothing so bad but get it checked all the same.

I used to get this,and it turned out to be hardened ear wax! Try otex ear drops,they should clear it up quite quickly.

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Sore ear

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