I've met a guy who I should finish the relationship with

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inamuddle1 | 18:46 Wed 19th Sep 2012 | Body & Soul
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Hello. I know the answer to this question but I dont like it or want to do it.

I met a man, 1 1/2 years ago in a nightclub, he came up to me and we swapped facebooks. We started meeting, having sex. He told me he had a child of 7 years and an ex partner. I was find with it. He lives in the same country but a different city so we see each other every 2 months or so... I've fallen for this guy! I send him 20 text messages a day. Sometimes he replies and sometimes he doesnt. Recently he told me that his ex partner wants something with him again and that he thinks he can really make things work this time. Obviously i was dissapointed so I told him to never call or text me again. Immediatly he replied saying he would call me the next time he was in my city. We started again, flirting and he explained that he was in a situation with his ex, who now i think is not an ex... The last thing i want to do is get in the way of a family!!!! But i love this guy. I dont think he realises my feelings for him, its been 1 1/2 years now!!! We have amazing sex, but at the end of the day, it is just a sex relationship, and i'm bound to get hurt! But i'm young. I dont mind. He wants to go to swing clubs, i've never been before and am interested... Anyway, he sent me a message saying that I was his best, his sex partner and friend in sexual adventures and to be honest it made me happy. I dont know if i want more than this, i dont think i want him as a boyfriend, but im happy to have him as a sex partner... But obviously i have some feelings for him. I send him 20 messages a day. So anyway, he has not spoke to me for 2 days, he is ignoring my messages now. I dont know what he wants. I cant sleep at night thinking about him. My friends are all sick of hearing about him, and tell me that he's a dog!!! Which im sure he is, but i like him, suppose I cant even say he's my dog... he might be someone elses dog... OMG... I'm such an idiot for getting involved with this, this man i dont want to say good bye to, but feel i need to. He gives me excitement that I lack. But then when he doesnt respond to my messages I get so sad. We have spent 4 days messaging each other constant, and now nothing. I'm confused. Is he just fed up with the messages? Is it over? I dont know what to do. I'm totally addicted to this man. Excuse the spell errors,, I was typing this fast to get everything out... it's really bothering me. Of course I cant expect someone to message me every day, why do i need so much re-assurance... he's already said we are sex partners, already said he likes me... already said he has an ex partner that wants to get back together with him,,, i feel like sending him an email telling him that while he is seeing me, his relationship with his partner will never work. I know I'm going to get some stinking messages back for writing this, I need some sense spoke to me... I dont know his family, I expect I never will.. Should i message him and tell him its over. What will give me my dignity back? I've messed up, and I seem to have messed my head up too. I really like this guy!!! Please dont be too harsh on me... I'm 30 years old and I'm just looking for fun and adventure!!! Thanks


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Have fun but don't limit yourself to meeting someone who maybe more permanent if that is what you want.
19:33 Wed 19th Sep 2012
Interesting story for a first post.
> I'm 30 years old and I'm just looking for fun and adventure!!!

Giving you the benefit of the doubt, then, I fail to see the problem...
''I know the answer to this question but I don't like it or want to do it''

You'll have to continue to suffer then.
He's a dog?
You'd be much better off with a different an owl
"Amazing sex?" Good God what else is there in life?

"Fill yer boots."
Careful, Mrs O, with the strigine references... This guy sounds like a bit of a twit to woo this poor girl like this...
Mark, you are such a hoot
Guinness and chocolate, well as...not instead of. x
No...please.....not the round of owl posts.
Sqad - well there is not-so-amazing-sex for a start ...
I must say that although i have NEVER been a Guinness drinker, it becomes more appealing each evening.....
ttfn....LOL.....sorry ....I don't understand that..;-)
Sqad, I never realised you are owl-ist
ttfn, do you mean something like

"this is good, wasn't it"
Sqad - yeah, right LOL ;)
mrs_o, if memory serves me right, it was more like:

>>>>>>>>>>>> what was that?
There is a way of drinking Guinness, Sqad. One evening I shall educate you. x
ttfn, shall we have a nice cup of tea?
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Well guys, thanks!!! I'm gonna continue to flump his brains out, go to swinger clubs and suffer a little longer... Maybe he'll finish with me, because It doesnt look like i'm gonna be ending things any time soon. I know im gonna get hurt somwhere along the line though.... Mmmm chocolate!!!!!

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I've met a guy who I should finish the relationship with

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