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Snappy | 13:13 Wed 08th Jun 2005 | Body & Soul
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I have a recurring corn on the inside of my little toe. I treated it with corn plasters, it took ages to go away but now its back. I read somewhere that you shouldn't use corn removal pads on the soft part of your toe, so i'm going to have to see a chiropodist. How will they treat this and will it hurt?!


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To save yourself a visit to the chiropodist try this:-

get a little bottle of corn remover from the chemist and a pack of corn plasters. Put a tiny dab of the lotion on to the centre of the corn, being careful to confine it to the corn and not the surrounding area. Then  cover it with the corn plaster-they have a little circle of felt which relieves pressure from the adjoing toe. You may have to re-apply the lotion and renew the plaster but within a day or two the hard core of the corn will soften and will slough off in the bath.

a friend of mine has to have it done fairly regularly as she has terrible trouble with corns and assures me it doesn't hurt a bit. they scrape away the hard skin with something and then just pull it out.

My chiropodist removed a corn on my last visit.

It did not hurt in the least, even though she used a scalpel to cut it out. Not a drop of blood was shed and I could walk normally afterwards.

I hope this helps to reassure tou.

You could try using essential oil of lemon, dab it on the corn.  It does work but it takes longer than the usual medical liquids.  Plus it smells good.

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