Burst blood vessel in eye.

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carlton23 | 11:18 Sun 26th Aug 2012 | Body & Soul
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My left eye makes me look like an alien because two days ago I awoke with a burst vein which covers all the white. The GP says it should not be anything to worry about, and gave me some dry-eye ointment.


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That`s proaby a subconunctival haemorrhage. My mum gets them for no reason (although rumour has it they can be linked to high blood pressure which she has). It`ll probably take a week or more to clear. It`ll probably go yellow as it`s clearing. Maybe older people get them because their blood vessels are a bit thinner. They do look a bit scary though!
My OH had that happen lots when he was on drugs.....anti rejection,warfarin ect.
Looks alien like you say!
I had that a couple of years ago. Quite disconcerting when you look in the mirror.

I was told it was nothing serious to worry about carlton so hope yours is the same.

Hope you are ok carlton xxx
Don't worry too much about it Carlton. It is usually insignificant and your GP isn't worried. You could wear an eyepatch and look like a pirate.

Take care.
''You could wear an eyepatch and look like a pirate''

Fantastic idea. Do you have a parrot to finish off the package?
It isn't anything to worry about, I often get them, wear suglasses, I know it may be raining, so you will look like movie star, but don't walk into any lamp posts or you could end up with one red and one black! :-)

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Burst blood vessel in eye.

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