little holes at the top of your ear....

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spammylou | 22:51 Sat 04th Jun 2005 | Body & Soul
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Right. Does anyone have a little hole at the top of the ear, just before the point at where the ear meets the top of your cheekbone?  My son has one on one ear, and someone whose hair I cut has one on each side. What is the significance of these? Is it some throw back to caveman days?  They serve no purpose at all. I said to my client I would ask the guys at AB!! Someone will know!! He and I eagerly await loads of sensible and silly replies. And no they are not piercing holes!!!


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I'm afraid I don't know the answer to this, but I also have one on my right ear.  It looks like a piercing hole and is in the exact spot you mentioned.  I know I've had it since birth, as my mum said she spotted it the day I was born.  It's been a mystery to me for 31 years, so would love to know the answer!

The entire construction of your out of the head ear section is to disrupt the flow of sound so that the inner brain can better establish the direction from which high frequency sounds originate. The hole is probably just some mutation of this.

I reckon you've all been abducted by aliens at some point!!

Yeah, as if that would be desirable. You'd want that like a ....hole your head.

Can we have pics please? I'm no holy Joe.

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how can i give u a pic?
You don't, by any chance, cut your son's hair as well as this othe boy do you? Can I make a guess that you have very sharp pointed scissors?
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Ha! That's the sort of answer I thought I would get, it certainly made me laugh. No, I have not cut anyone yet.  I really thought someone might know but it's just one of those odd things that I shall have to just lose sleep over.
They are called Preauricular pits, or less scientifically, ear pits. They are generally a minor congenital physical anomaly (note, not a birth defect, malformation, or "mutation"). Basically it is a sign that when the ear was developing, it did not fully fuse together, however it's minor enough that skin did grow around it. However it can be a sign of larger problem, since you cannot tell how deep the hole goes.

Here is a great site that gives a simplified explaination:

I have one on my left ear. I don't know if this is a common problem for anyone else here, but I have to "clean" mine out every few days. It is not infected, is the tissue surrounding it is not sore, discolored, etc... however stuff will come out, that is similar to the solid white puss of a pimple, followed by an oily clear liquid that if bothered (rubbed) has an unpleasant odor. I believe I have this problem because I am very active and sweat, dirt, etc... get in the hole and react as it would entering a normal pore in the skin, only in a hole much bigger than a pore.
Well where do I begin I have a hole on my right upper ear no its not a piercing. People with these markings has special abilities and responsibilities that they need to be aware of. First of all i hope you beleive an a higher being and acrhangels. I just know that people with these markings are very special. Meaning that we have certain powers but these powers need to be brought out somehow. Have you ever notice the unusual smell that protrude out of these markings,? keep them clean at all cost you don't won't to block your powers. Have you ever broken a bone in your life.? Have you ever notice your body seems to heal faster than anyone elses body? If you have these markings and symptoms please write me .I will show you the door . Oh yea, that guy or girl who wrote all the people with these markings must have been taken by aliens at some time . Well thats not to far fetch, not that I'm saying we were at some point taken by aliens but we may have some connection with them.
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Well I never. I didn't expect an answer nearly 2 years later!! Very interesting... yes it can smell. Yes his skin does heal quick and he has never broken anything; but I don't think he's been abducted by aliens although if you see his room you will think that one might have conducted some kind of experiment in there.
What's all the business with angels about then.
Your son must be careful whenever he visits the beach or pool, anything of the sort. This is no joke I am serious, he must be careful because he is more susceptible of drowning. Anyone with that little hole near the ear ...
Ok, I have one of these little holes at the top of my ears and I have several friends that have at least I don't know but I do know that I have never broken a bone and I do heal very fast...Hmmm
i am 18 years old and i have always wondered what those holes in my ears mean. i have them on both sides and i must say that there is a wierd smell coming from them if you don't clean them. i have never broken any bones and i heal amazingly fast. i have been told that these represent some higher power but i have yet to "unleash" my power!
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Not sure about the drowning bit, society. Sorry you've lost me there. Well 2 years later he still hasn't broken anything but the room is still a mess. And the hole is still there. Weird, weird weird.
I've been doing some research on this, as I myself have 2 of these holes, and I've come across these helpful websites:

These holes are Preauricular sinuses. Normally, they don't cause any problems, but if infected they must be drained, closed off, and/or removed.

Sorry to give such a medically based, non-creative answer, but I thought some people might like to know.
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Fantastic, that is great! well done for finding that out. After more than 2 years of posting this I can finally tell him. and still he hasn't broken anything but his room is still a mess. xxx
Yes I have these holes one located at the top of each ear. I always thought I had special powers but not from these holes a.k.a sinuses which I had removed when I was 19. Unfortunately half of my powers came back.....LOL No really one came back along with the creamy white substance that has a terrible foul smell. The surgery was not pleasant so I am left with it. I was also told that they are hereditary and I have two son's that have one hole each on there left ear. The same white stuff....
its just a little tube and nasty stuff comes out of it
but if theres nothing wrong with it you shouldn't get it removed

i got mine removed,but not all the way so now it became a cyst
so don't mess with it :]
I also have these little holes on my ears. I never knew what they were until I read this thread. I am in agreement with others that these things should be kept as clean as possible. Otherwise very painful infections can result. I have suffered from such in the past and I offer this advice, at the very first sign of irritation CLEANTHEM. I use a q-tip dipped in 3% hydrogen peroxide. If it gets worse see a doctor. Also, I'm inerested in your answer Quazpac. How may I contact you?
My daughter has them at the top of both of her ears, one of them just gets a little dry skin in it, but the other I can sqeeze like a spot and white stuff comes out of it, then it looks empty! Doesn't hurt her and isn't infected, just strange. Her auntie also has one on one of her ears. I know someone whos grand-daughter also has just one!

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little holes at the top of your ear....

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