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smurfchops | 21:10 Mon 06th Aug 2012 | Body & Soul
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Just watched this programme, really interesting. But how can I find out what I can eat on my 'fasting' day ? I think they said no proteins, but what exactly are proteins ? Is there a website about this and what we can and can't eat on 'fasting' days ?


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No worries, I found some websites. Well worth watching this programme if anyone has high cholesterol, blood sugar, or is overweight (like me).

It was an interesting programme, no question. IGF-1 has been talked about for years as a possible facilitator of aging, so to see such marked drops in serum levels of IGF-1 was very interesting.

Would not like to try and alternate day diet though - too many stresses, too easy to lapse - but a 5-2 regimen might work.....

It is also worth noting that you cannot always scale up results from trials in rodents to in vivo effects in humans. Still, interesting ideas, and I would certainly benefit from some calorie restriction ;)

I watched a little bit of that. I thought he said just one Cup-a-Soup a day during 'fasting' - but I presume water is unlimited. These 'fads' are quite worrying - it'll be something else next week no doubt. I'm fit and have never allowed myself to become overweight so I'll stick to my usual healthy diet.
On the 5/2 regime, on the two fasting days he was allowed 600 calories a day. Don't know if there are any restrictions on those days.
Its situational Naomi :)

If you have the trifecta of symptoms and are middle aged - high blood pressure, high blood glucose, high cholesterol levels, then you have to do something about it, or face being medicated for the rest of your natural.

As a generalisation, in our society as with most other modern,developed societies, we probably eat too much, and move too little.One of the most effective ways of reducing your blood pressure, in these circumstances, is to shed some weight :)

On the other hand, if , like you, one is fit and not overweight, then stick with what you are doing right now.

Diets, losing weight, diet plans - all should be based on the fundamental issue - less calories in, more movement to keep in condition.......
I read an article years ago that said that people who 'naturally' feast and fast tend to stay slim.

It comes down to people 'only' eating when they are hungry. Which means they are following their bodies needs and not set eating times.
LG, I agree entirely. It's not, as 'they' say, rocket science!
Can I alternate pizza on some days and chips on the others?
with that bum as an avatar hoppy, you can probably do as you like with scoff
It's a tribute to Jessica Ennis.

Last year I had Pippa Middleton's cute derriere as an avatar.
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What was said?
no idea
Our hunter-gather forefathers would have evolved on a regime like that, enough some days, hunger on others, so it would probably do us no harm. It's been a long time, though, since anyone hunted the ingredients of a Big Mac or gathered the makings of a poke of fries.
My wife and I, 77 and 79 respectively, watched a "Horizon" programme some few weeks ago on this subject and decided to give the 5/2 system a trial. We are now half way into our eighth week as we semi-fast on Mondays and Tuesdays. I have Parkinsons disease and my wife has peripheral neuropathy. We stick to 600 calories a day for me and 500 for my wife and I can report that both of us are highly delighted with the effects so far. Both of us feel considerably fitter than we did and this includes significant weight loss, about 1.5 lbs per week for me and 1 lb per week for my wife. This is combined with increased energy and endurance levels. I found the website called 'myfitnesspal' has been of great help in planning our diets. Sorry, I don't know how to set hyperlinks - just Google it! We intend to continue this regimen until death overtakes us.
@beckyman -thanks for the update beckyman - very interesting indeed. I will check out the website you mention.

Did you take up the diet plan out of a feeling that you needed to lose weight? And have you noticed any change in either the peripheral neuropathy of your wife or your Parkinsons?

One last point for clarity- you mentioned sticking to 600 Kcals and 500 Kcals respectively - these would be the limits on the "fasting" days? If so, what kind of restrictions do you place on your diet, if any, on the other 5 days of the week?
Thanks for your continued interest in this thread, I thought it unlikely that my comments would be read as the last post was so long ago. To answer your queries:
1. The weight loss was a pleasing extra; we did not embark upon this regime for that purpose. I am 5'8" in height and my weight was 12st. 9lb. It is now 11st. 12 lb. I think that this is perhaps a little heavy still and wonder if 11.5st. will happen in due course. I hope that things will stabilise automatically and that we don't fade away to a couple of elderly shadows.
2. You are correct about the calorie count on what I call our semi-fast days. On the other five days we do not restrict our diet in any way other than feelings of repletion. But we do find that our natural appetite appears to have reduced a little.
3. We both have increased energy levels and also endurance but no marked improvements to the specific symptoms of our conditions. I do find my walking is improved but this may be due to an exercise regimen recommended by my NHS physiotherapist a month or so ago.
4. We are willing to try anything reasonable to keep ourselves from deteriorating. My wife spends a couple of hours oone day a week at our local council run gymnasium. We both have a teaspoon of 15+ Manuka honey daily and I take a 1000mg capsule of Curcumin (turmeric) daily. We have also always maintained the physical part of our marital relationship at a mutually delightful level. I continue to persue my hobbies of motorcycles and classic cars. We both play bridge and have a totally positive outlook on life without, I hope, driving our friends and relations nuts!
@Beckyman- Many thanks for the clarification ;)

As a general point, I do strngly believe that there is a significant proportion of todays population that would benefit greatly from some degree of calorific restriction and more regular exercise.

Good for you and your wife with your attitude and outlook on life, Beckyman - I wish you many more years to enjoy :)
As an aside, Lazy G., i am a fairly new boy on this site and I wonder how you keep an eye on things you've written to see if there is any comment. I'm sure that my method is very hit and miss. When I want to return to this thread I have to select 'Body & Soul', then search using the keyword 'fasting' and then scroll down until I recognise (hopefully) the thread title. there must be a better way!
@Beckman - If you look at the original post, you will see, in the bottom right corner, the facility to subscribe or to report a post. If you subscribe, the post is then displayed on the bottom right of the page you are reading, and shows the most recent post on that topic.

Hope that helps! :)

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