disability dicrimination act

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kazza12345 | 20:31 Fri 03rd Jun 2005 | Body & Soul
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Does anyone know if supermarkets in petrol station have an obligation to provide disabled parking?

my situation is i quite often use a tesco express near my work to get various things throughout the day.  I am disabled, and have a blue badge, and they have  a disabled parking space.  The problem is that the disabled space is always covered by their trollies/ empty cages waiting to be picked up, so i either have to park in a normal space (further away, cant open the door as wide as i need) or park at the pump and spend a long toime limping round the shop, peeing other people who want to get petrol off.

I have written to the shop manager already, but recieved no reply, and no chasnge in the car parking situation.  I am going to write again, but just needed to back myself up really, in regards to the dda, ie do they have to provide a space? and if they do, do they have an obligation to keep it clear from their own junk?

I know i could go somewhere else, but that wouldn't be half as convienient!  Any ideas on how to proceede?


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I have a blue badge too & it also drives me MAAAD that people seem to think that disabled spaces are for leaving rubbish or unloading etc.. I once found the disabled loo in our local supermarket jammed full of fireworks in boxes!!! Needless to say , I sorted that out !!!

It does sound like a case of them failing to comply with the DDA. They have an obligation to provide reasonable access to their store & blocking that is failing to do so. The actual wording is something like; 'A service provider must undertake to change the way they deliver their services so that a disabled person can use them'

Not sure of the right steps to complain...I'd go to a higher authority, maybe the local Council , I think they have to follow up complaints.

Not sure of legal position I should think the act will be on a government web site.   I would write to the manager again stating you have not received a reply to your previous letter , giving him 14 days to reply, if still no reply write to Tesco head office.  Send all letters ensured delivery so they have no excuse and keep a copy. If this fails , or after you have given the manager 14 days go to the local press,  Tesco will not like negative publicity

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disability dicrimination act

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