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bexbex78 | 17:25 Wed 01st Jun 2005 | Body & Soul
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I have been feeling 'spaced out' for years now on and off - it feels like I am dreaming. I have had my eyes tested and their fine...been tested for Aneamia and had Iron tablets that didn't work. Eat healthy food, drink lots of water...take vitamins. Does anyone else get this? Could it be stress...I don't feel stressed!


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It definitely could be stress -- could also be allergies.

It could be that you don't get sufficient blood flow to your brain. Try:

-Plenty of exercise

-Regular sleep pattern, and enough of it but not too much

-Not too much coffee

-Ginseng tablets

-Oil tablets (cod liver for example)

-Gingko Tablets

-Neurozan is expensive, but is the best I have found.

-Plenty of regular mental exercise. Do puzzles and stuff.

Good luck. (ps, none of the above is 'old wives')

Does it come in phases?  I hate to sound dramatic, but it could be "petits mals" form of epilepsy.  I very much hope it won't be.  That is when you totally drift off for about 30 seconds at a time and you're not aware you did it until someone tells you so.  Please don't panic - I hope I'm wrong and I'm certainly no medical expert.  I just know someone who has this. 

Press on with your doctor - keep badgering them til they help you! :-)  Good luck!  Sorry if I've stressed you! :-s

I am aware of feeling "unreal" some days.  I do have severe sinus problems which are under control most of the time now; if there's a low level infection over a long time it can make you feel sort of light-headed, "unreal". You may feel this sort of "spaced out" feeling after a particularly heavy cold.  You might not even connect the two things. You never get pains which suggest the area, just this strange feeling of not being with it, a dream-like propelling oneself around. All the other things you are doing are not going to help I'm afraid, if this is the cause.  See an ENT (Ear Nose & Throat specialist.  Your GP can refer you to a clinic at the hospital and that at least could be ruled in or out.

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don't worry acw you haven't stressed me out! It does come in phases but I don't drift off. I am aware of it...and funnily enough when I stop thinking about it, it usually stops. Also if I have a drink of alcohol it usually disappears! (I don't drink more than once a week though) Ear, nose & throat specialist sounds like the best plan...but all doctors say its stress its so annoying

Very glad to be wrong bexbex! :-)  Perhaps the stress is manifesting itself in this way, not in emotional tension.  It sounds like you lead a healthy lifestyle, but do you exercise regularly?  I don't by the way! I'm not preaching! :-)
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I jog nearly every day!...but only started 2 weeks ago and it is making me feel a little better I must admit

Yes bex I get it and it can be caused by stress, anxiety or depression. However in my case it's also  part of a condition called Fibromyalgia  & is often called 'brain fog' - a good way of describing it I reckon!!

 You seem to be a physically fit person & by saying that you feel better when you  have a drink or simply don't think about it suggests you're probably feeling anxious about something.

The exercise & the right amount of sleep are important, & if anything is seriously worrying you go back to your doctor & have another word with him/her. All the best, I know what a horrible feeling it is but it will pass, warm sunny days always make me feel better so lets hope we get some soon!!

I really cant believe I have just found this! Ive had the same thing happening to me for years, it only happens if i think about it too much, i could only get it to go when I either forced myself to sleep or had alcohol and feels exactly like your actually in a dream, but your not, your awake and going about your everyday things! I went to the doctor who was looked totally confused when I described it to her, she then just said 'you are stressed'. Luckily it hasnt happened for quite a while now but it used to really scare me! Nice to know im not alone on this though!
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olliesalter1 you are not alone! I typed in on Thursday that it is getting better. But since then it's come back with avengence and it's hell. I am going to go back to the doctors next week and see what they say...I 'll keep you all posted
Hi bex, and everyone else who' posted here, this is actually like therapy! I too have suffered similar symptoms, they come and go and have done for years. I'm 32 now but back when I was a teenager they happened quite fiercely and it was like I was aware of things but in a very dreamlike way and I used to go totally numb all over with it too. Even if there may be an underlying condition, stress DOES come into it, because it can trigger a panic attack which makes the whole feeling a hundred times worse. At that time my doctor put it down to growing pains, but I doubt that's the case now. I was recently diagnosed with a blood disorder - polychythaemia - and very high blood pressure. It might be worth having your bloods and bp checked too. I'd like to know as much as you guys what causes this, but in my experience doctors pretty much don't wanna know!!
im not much of a talker but i suffer simalar very bad at times hope this link may help or explain on_and_derealisation.html

ps. im no expert might be completly wrong
For me, it's been several years of this strange foggy feeling. I'm able to function quite effectively but there's always a strange spaced out quality to my days. I went to a doctor and he said it could be blood pressure-but mine's not really high or stress. But, like most doctors, I think he was just a take-aspirin-and-call-me-in-the-morning lazy types. Of course, I envision nightmare scenarios like early onset Alzheimers or a giant, lethal brain tumor that's been growing for years. How can I put my mind to rest?
i dont have the answer but i know some one else who has this condition ...but anyone else who knows the answer please help

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