corrective eye surgery

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what..the? | 19:44 Tue 19th Jun 2012 | Body & Soul
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Is eye surgery like a boob job in that you need to get the op re-done in a few years to maintain the quality/effect?


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I had both my eyes done about 15 years ago. I can still see distance quite well but now I need reading glasses, but that is down to age
Lots of different types available. It was the case that surgery could only correct distance vision and you would still need to wear reading glasses eventually, if you don't need them already.

Don't be fooled by the £300 per eye adverts. I don't know of anybody who has paid that - £1500 + per eye is the norm.
I had mine done for free on the NHS - a procedure called PRK where they cut the eye rather than use a laser
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i don't know if I am short sighted or long sighted everything's just blurry
Before I had mine done I could read OK but anything more than 3 feet away was a blur
What do you wear glasses for at the moment? Reading, driving or 24/7?

Single vision or bifocal or varifocal?
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no idea

I have to use them the focus on my laptop, but with out them the distance is also blurred? I know I have an oval shaped eye, could I be both short and long sighted, I am 32 and I don't get the impression the glasses are overly strong.
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24/7 lol
Ask your GP surgery for a recommended surgeon, then find out what is available and the costs involved.
When I looked in to it I was getting conflicting advice from the High St providers, went to the GP recommended one who told me outright that I am not a suitable candidate for laser surgery.
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right, thank you
Scared to get mine done......but would love to stop wearing contacts every day and specs.....

The effects of laser treatment are permanent, but your eyes may change over time. That's why its recommend having the procedure after major eye changes have occurred in your life.
But otherwise, its long term procedure.
My dad had his Laser eye surgery done from Accuvision 12 years back and even today he can see clearly and has not faced any problem driving or seeing in the dark. Accuvision is a great clinic. It is affordable and their after care is also very good. They offer free consultation. They also have a 10th anniversary offer going on. You can check the details here.
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corrective eye surgery

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